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5 Economical DIY Kitchen Design Tricks

Does your kitchen need a fresh look or a makeover? Give these economical DIY tricks a try and make your kitchen look new again!

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The kitchen is increasingly becoming the counterpoint of every home. It is estimated that most families are spending more and more time in their kitchen then ever before. Because of this your kitchen will take a lot of abuse. After a few years of the same old kitchen you may very well be considering a makeover. Kitchen remodeling may not be in your budget, but that certainly dose not mean that you can't give your kitchen a completely new look with some DIY kitchen design tricks.

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The most obvious place to start is a fresh coat of paint. But before you rush out and pick up the first color you can think of, you may want to consider how the color you choose will effect the look and feel of your kitchen. White is often a popular choice because it will make your kitchen appear larger and brighter. On the other hand white can look cold and it can be difficult to clean. An eggshell color is a good choice because it will add warmth to your room with less work involved.

Next you should look at your kitchen cabinets. If they appear old, then you may want to repaint your cabinets or you could always resurface them. Resurfacing is an excellent DIY kitchen design trick that will make them look new and sharp again. Add some new hinges and door handles. You could even re-stain them. By the time you are done your cabinets will have a fresh look that will complement your kitchen.


The next step in your DIY kitchen design plan should be to look at your counter tops. Are they old and dated? Do they look like they belong in the 60's or 70's? Instead of replacing everything, try re-laminating them. This is a simple and easy process that can have a huge effect on the overall look of your kitchen.


Go to your local housing supply store and check out some of the wonderful kitchen faucets they have for sale. By changing out your dull old faucet with a sharp looking new one will go a long way to making your kitchen look new again.

You should also look at your oven cover and stove panels. Now that you have a new kitchen counter, match the color of your panels to it and you will have some balance in the appearance of your kitchen.

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