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10 Clever Tricks To Make House Cleaning Quick And Easy

Cleaning has been a challenge to many and all have been wondering on how to make it easier and quick. This should not worry anybody because the remedy is with us. Here are tricks to ensure cleaning becomes a quick and easy task.

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1. Improvising a mop.
Instead of moving all the way from your house to the shop to buy a mop proceed and improvise a mop. Use an old piece of cloth or socks.

2. Long lasting stove.
The stains on the stove should not be a problem anymore. Use Olive oil to clean the surface of your stove and then use a dry piece to wipe.

3. Getting rid of stains on your couch.
Put a mixture of soda, vinegar, hot water and detergent and pour the mixture into the stain. Soda freshness the fabric. Sprinkle some on dry sofa and let it settle for hours.

4. Making glassware shine.
Use vinegar to wash glasses after using vinegar proceed to wash them by adding salt and allow them to dry.

5. Getting shelves clean.
Do the soaking of a mop in fabric prior cleaning. This avoids dust from clinging to the furniture and then limits the cleaning process time.

6. Cleaning stained cups.
Use vinegar and water of same amount and use them to clean the cups. Allow the cups for one hour then use a sponge to clean them.

7. Polishing the iron.
Put a sheet of parchment on a wooden and spray it with salt. Switch on the iron and move it over salt for a minute

8. Eliminating mold in bathroom.
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Dissolve Vitrocin in five liters of water . Use the water to clean walls .

9. Cleaning out a pipe.
Mix soda and salt equally and spill it to the pipe. Put vinegar and rinse using boiling water after 15 minutes.

10. Doing away with grease.
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Apply salt on this by pouring to the pan plus little water. wash the pan.

In conclusion considering the above tricks house cleaning will be so quick and easy than expected.

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