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10 Houseplants That Can Survive Even The Darkest Corner

Houseplants are commonly used as decorators to improve on the general indoor appeal and attractiveness both in the residential areas and in the offices. However, this is not the only function of these plants. Scientists have delved into experimental studies and unleashed a number of physiological and other health as well as ecological benefits associated with houseplants. For instance, they serve an important function of purifying indoor air, thus making you and your family, visitors, staff and customers comfortable and healthy at all times. As the planting of houseplants becomes a trend all over, it is important to be acquainted with the best types of such plants that can survive even in the darkest corner of your house.

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1. Calatheas
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Calatheas is the ultimate decorator with patterned leaves and it appears great when planted in any room and in any corner. However, you should not expose this plant to direct sunlight because it flourishes in darkened places rather than brightly lit space.

2. Dumb canes
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Dumb canes are best suited for the diffused light because of the yellow and light green color. Its bright tender leaves start to appear in summer and spring. At this time, it is even more beautiful when it is placed behind the curtain.

3. Dragon tree
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Add a feeling of tropical life in your indoor space by planting Dragon tree in the corner of your office or house away from direct sunlight. Its thin leaves and non-spreading nature makes it suitable for busy individuals.

4. Chlorophytum comosum
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Because of its unpretentious look, this plant is so popular among the enthusiasts of home beauty. It serves both aesthetic and health purposes. Apart from its beautification, it’s also perfect when it comes to air purification.

5. Soleirolia
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This plant tiny and tender leaves suitable to grow in flowerpots and hanging cache-pots. Scientists caution against placing it adjacent to low ones since Soleirolia can destroy them. Soleirolia should be maintained through regular spraying and watering.

6. Ferns
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Ferns exist in thousands of species. They are beautiful due to the shape of their leaves and if well maintained through spraying, are great for beautification of any corner of your room.

7. Philodendron cordatum
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This is a fast-growing indoor plant that is mostly preferred due to its air-purification aspect. If trimmed regularly, it perfectly serves aesthetic and health purposes.

8. Neoregelia
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This is a beautiful and colorful plant that simply requires artificial lighting to flourish. It does so well in wet areas of the house, especially bathrooms and patios.

9. Peace lily
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This plant requires no much sunlight and water. It is a stress free plant and gives you peace of mind at all times, as the name suggests.

10. Sansevieria trifasciata
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This is an adaptive plant that does well both in the light and in darkness. Its slow-growth and non-spreading nature makes it a suitable choice for most home owners.

Generally, there are numerous plants to grow in your indoor space on top of the above list. It all depends on your preferences, priorities and the exact place of your room you would like to place it. Nevertheless, almost all of them works well nearly everywhere indoors.

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