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7 Things You Should Clean Every Single Day In Your Home

In the modern world, many homeowners have taken a keen interest in the nature and overall well being of their homes by taking important steps that are all aimed at making their homes cleaner.It is an open secret that cleanliness is next to goodliness, this makes every person ensure that his/her home is always clean.In this article, we are going to look at the seven things that you should clean every single day in your home.


1.Dirty Dishes.
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Any homeowner worth his /her salt will always ensure that the dishes in the kitchen are sparkling clean after every meal.This is because the sauce and the crumbs that are left over from the previous meals will really make the dishes difficult to clean if they are not washed for a long time.

2.Kitchen Counters.
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If you want a kitchen that is always clean and which does not harbor any bacteria, then you should always ensure that you clean and disinfect your kitchen counters every single day.However, while doing so, you should ensure that you use different wipes to wipe different surfaces in order to avoid cross contamination.

3.Hand Towels.
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According to the findings of a recent research, it was discovered that dish, as well as bathroom towels, were some of the dirtiest things in the home.It is advisable that you change your hand towels on a daily basis if you have a large family.This is because the hand towels get dirtier faster than other items because they are used more than once a day.

4.Shower Walls.

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Home cleaning experts advice that you should always run a squeegee over your bathroom tiles so as to make them clean after every use.It is also advisable to dry the walls so as to prevent mildew stains.

5.Your Sink.
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It is always advisable to clean your sink on a daily basis so as to prevent a buildup of germs.You can easily sanitize it with warm water and then sprinkling a tablespoon of bleach around it.Let the action of the chemicals take place for about 5 minutes then rinse and air dry.

6.Cutting Boards and Cutlery.

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You can easily clean your chopping boards and cutleries by soaking them in vinegar mixture in a ratio of 1:1.This facilitates the killing of bacteria on their surfaces.This ensures that they do not transfer the bacteria to your chopped food.

7.The Floor.
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This is arguably one of the most important parts of your home.A clean floor portrays a good image to any person who might visit your home.Dirty floors are good hiding grounds for bacteria which may end up infecting the soles of your feet. Moreso, it is always important to have clean floors when you have toddlers in your home.

For those who value the cleanliness of their homes, they will go to unimaginable lengths to ensure the cleanliness of their precious homes.This is because a clean home leads to a happy and healthy family.

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