The 7 Most Dangerous Things in Your Kitchen

To some People, the kitchen is the safest room in the house. But It is a ticking time bomb and it requires a lot of attention.
Below we discuss some kitchen utensils that are very dangerous and how to prevent accidents they cause?

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1. Pot with a Broken Handle.
In order for a pot to function fully it must have a place to hold that can't conduct heat. When a pot lacks a place to hold it becomes dangerous because it is easy to drop them on yourself or others near you.

2. Kitchen Sink.
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A kitchen sink has a lot of bacteria's, it is easy to catch dangerous diseases such as cholera from a dirty sink. To prevent this you are supposed to wash the sink with plenty of soap and clean running water.

3. The Kitchen Towel.
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Just like the kitchen sink the kitchen towel too has a lot of bacteria on them, further more they can also start fires when they are left near a fire. To avoid all these you are required to properly wash towels and hang them to dry, when they are not in use you can hang them away from fires and other kitchen utensils to prevent accidents.

4. Gas Oven.
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This is probably the most dangerous item in the kitchen that can cause a lot of damage to the kitchen and the whole house. To prevent accidents that relate to the gas it is better to keep them away from the reach of children or those who don't know how they work and using them according to the user manual. 

5. The Meat Grinder.
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When carelessly used a meat grinder poses a lot of danger to your fingers. In order to ensure you don't injure yourself make sure you read the user manual properly and also keep away from the reach of children and those who don't know how it works.

6. Plastic Bags.
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Besides posing a lot of harm to the environment, plastic bags pose a lot danger to us especially children. When left unattended children can suffocate themselves with a plastic bag, to prevent this you can keep away plastic bags or dispose them carefully.

7. The Microwave.
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They are very useful because they help us warm up food faster. However prolonged use of a microwave can become hazardous to your health in a number of ways with the most popular being that they can cause cancer and weakening of the immune system.

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