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10 Absolutely Indispensable Tricks for Everyone Who Loves a Clean Home

In today’s busy world it is very difficult to keep your home clean. Cleaning your home takes time and considerable effort. But, there are certain methods which can ease the cleaning of your home. Here are 10 absolutely indispensable tricks and methods for everyone who loves a clean home.


1.Clean both your microwave and your sponge in one minute.
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Put soap on a soaked sponge. After you do this, rub the soap on a certain object in order to create a considerable quantity of foam. Leave the sponge into the microwave on minimum power for 30 seconds. After those 30 seconds are over polish the microwave door from inside. This will ease and simplify the cleaning of your microwave and disinfect your sponge from bacteria simultaneously.

2.Clean your mattresses perfectly with baking soda and a vacuum cleaner.
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Mattresses are one of the dirtiest objects in people’s homes, particularly after long use. But, there is a way to make them look like you just bought them. Scatter baking soda and vacuum it up after a few hours. This will remove the dust and odors that filled your mattresses. This method is also very effective with old sofas.

3.Restore your chopping board with lemon and salt.
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Chopping boards can become dirty very quickly. One way to clean them is to mix lemons and salt. Coat the board with salt and rub it with a cut lemon half. After you do this, wash the board with hot water.

4.Clean every part of your toaster with an old tooth brush.
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Although toasters are small, their cleaning can be quite complicated. This is because they have a lot of not easily accessible parts. You can clean these parts with an old tooth brush.

5.Remove the water stains from your tap.
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If you don’t like the water stains that are constantly appearing on your tap you can rub it with wax paper. This will stop their appearance for a certain period of time.

6.Clean your stained clothes with chalk.
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Clothes can get stained very easily. There is a way to eliminate those stains without using the washing machine. Clean the stain with chalk and after a few hours the chalk will completely soak up the stain. You will achieve greater effect if you use this technique for fresh stains.

7.Clean your pan with salt.

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The most effective tool for cleaning your pan is salt. Salt will soak up oil and will relieve the removal of food. Leave the salt in the pan for a short period of time. After this wash the pan and clean it until it is dry.

8.Rejuvenate your sink using soda and lemon.
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Wash the sink with an old tooth brush and soda. Place a few pieces of lemon into the hole and wash meticulously with water.

9.Shine your windows using a newspaper.
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After you clean your windows and they become fully dried polish them with a newspaper. This technique will eliminate all stains and give shine to the windows.

10.Use an old sock to clean your venetian blinds.
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The cleaning of venetian blinds is a very difficult and complicated process. You can simplify it by cleaning them with an old sock.

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