10 Brilliant Ideas for Gift Packaging

Gifts. They are often a symbol of love. So, the way they are presented matters. The packaging should show as much care and love as the gift itself. Allow me to walk you through some exciting ideas on how you can wrap a gift for your beloved.

10 Brilliant Ideas for Gift Packaging.

1. Nature inspired.
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Nothing beats nature's beauty. So, stroll out into the woods and get some leaves or twigs, paint them, and then decorate with tiny pompoms.

2. Mail from Santa Clause!
The classic Christmas mail with post stamps and red and white ribbons.

3. Need a change from the mundane bow knots? Try the cute pompoms.
Wrap that gift with some fluffy warmth.

4. If simple is your style...
then opt for stamps. Using a pencil with a rubber eraser, some paint, and a sponge, make the simple yet trendy polka dot pattern.

5. Decorate with napkins and lace ribbons.
These art materials are great for any and every season.

6. Old knitted sweater.
Gives your packaging some warmth and tenderness.

7. Some glue and a handful of sparkles.
Choose these items for packaging, and you won't want to stop decorating. Here is why? The packaging variations are just endless!

8. Cloth it.
Beautiful clothing can be tailored into a stunning package. What's even better about it is that there is no limit to it's variations, and the steps are simple follow. First, place the present in the center of a downward facing piece of cloth. Second, knot two opposite corners. Third, knot the other pair of corners. Fourth, with the first two corners, make a second knot. Fifth, make a final knot and decorate your packaging.

9. Jazz it up!
Replace those boring ribbons with a flashy work of art. For instance, you could sew a piece of decoration on the paper or you could paint it, then scribble on it with a piece of chalk after the paint dries.

10. Paint the package by hand.
This gives your packaging some novelty, regardless of the technique used, whether large dabs of paint or pastel watercolor abstractions.

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