14 Life Tips That Will Completely Change the Way You Look At Ordinary Things

Advice on matters relating to life is useful.Some of the most useful life tips include.
Here are 14 Life Tips That Will Completely Change the Way You Look At Ordinary Things:


1.Sore throat will become a thing of the past when you drink hot milk with cardamom
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2.Potato chips can be used to start a fire fast and burn better than lighter fluids
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3.Is the egg good or bad-just drop it in cold water; a good egg will sink to the bottom whereas a bad one will float
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4.Boiling peas and beans, If you forget to soak them,boil them in unsalted water, adding cold water after every 7-10 minutes( use tablespoon)
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5.Getting rid of paint/ink stain; use acetone
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6.Boiling milk faster; use a pinch of sugar
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7.Getting rid of unpleasant smell; heat ordinary vinegar until it evaporates
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8.Broken glass; pieces of broken glass can be gathered by using plasticine
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9.Getting rid of scratches on a phone's screen; put toothpaste in a cloth and wipe gently

10.Headache; pain can be eased by rubbing a slice of lemon on the forehead
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11.Smearing vegetable oil on the grater makes grating cheese easier
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12.Vegetable oil removes glue stain stack on glass
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13.Bananas can replace eggs in baking
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14.Cracked eggs-can be boiled and used in sandwich or salad
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The above life tips will make tedious problems easier to deal with.

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