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5 Laundry Secrets Shared By 5-Star Hotels

If you’ve been wondering how the 5-star hotels maintain high-level of hygiene in their laundry work, we’ve got some answers for you. Below are some of the five hacks used by the top-tier restaurants and hotels to ensure the best of results in their laundry services. Read on to get started.

1. Choosing the right water temperature
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Cold water may be the choice of most homeowners every time they’re washing some utensils or clothes with an aim of conserving energy and saving on electricity bills. This, however, shouldn’t be the case with laundry. Cold water doesn’t destroy the dust mites and bacteria on towels, clothing and bed sheets. The right washing temperature should range from 104 to 140 °F. Very hot water might damage the fabrics and causes it to wear easily.

2. Loading a washing machine
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Most washing machines have been designed to work optimally when they are loaded 80 percent of their capacity. Overloading the machine puts more strain since everything is rammed into the drum and the clothes would not be free to get evenly clean and move around freely. When you under load the machine, you waste energy, time and detergent.

3. Proper Drying
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It’s always recommended to dry the clothes outdoors, however, if it’s necessary to use the dryer; place a clean tennis ball into the drum. This makes the clothes fluffy and soft.

4. Stains removal
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Starch solutions are commonly used to get rid of the oily stains. 2-4 drops of WD-40 is also used to remove the tomato juice stains. For the case of white clothing or fabrics; sweat stains are removed by using a pre-wash and detergents at a water temperature of 104°F before running a wash cycle with an appropriate bleach agent.
Wine and coffee stains are removed by soaking the fabric in salt and water solution before rinsing them out. Yellow stains on white clothes can be removed by use of baking soda before rinsing them with warm water.

5. Using appropriate washing aids
White vinegar is probably the best washing aids in the market. Conditioners often build up in fabrics making them rigid. Using vinegar makes the fabrics soft while removing any traces of washing powder.

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