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9 Сool DIY Сountry House Furniture Ideas

When summer comes, do you retreat to your dwelling in the country? what can be more relaxing than a peaceful stay in the countryside among your friends and family right? But oh no! you do not have any furniture on which to kick back. Why not make some yourself and impress everyone around you with your skill and creativity? Here are some examples.

1. A coffee table made from worn out tires:
© madcapfrenzy.blogspot.ru  
Even though this seems like madness, this cool DIY coffee table is a perfect way to give new life to old tires, and add extra style to your country house.

2. A log lounger:
© homemade-modern.com  
If you have some extra logs laying around, do not even think of burning them! Instead, turn them into an amazing looking recliner.

3.Bright and colorful plastic chairs:
© homemadediva.com  
This one is pretty simple. If you've got plastic chairs, spray paint them to add some fun to boring plain plastic.

4. Picnic chairs made from fruit boxes:
© instructables.com  
If you buy a lot of fruit, then stop throwing away the boxes as they can be turned into outdoor picnic chairs with built in storage..sort of.

5. A bench around a tree:
© pinterest.com  
Got a tree in your backyard, but have nowhere to sit? build a bench around your tree and relax outdoors in the shade.

6. Outdoor pallet table:
© obzfamily.blogspot.ru  

Give use to those pallets by just spray painting them and placing them outside as a drink stand.

7. Cinder block armchair:
© funkyjunkinteriors.net  
Probably not the most comfortable option, but if you are looking to spice up your decor just build one of these!

8. Snazzy chair with your favorite pattern:
© abeautifulmess.com  
If all that's left of your chair is the frame, then weave a seat using para cord and you're set!

9. Mushroom cap stool:
© twigandtoadstool.blogspot.ru  
If you have tree stumps in your garden, just spray paint an old wooden salad bowl red, add some white dots and stick it on the tree stump!

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