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9 Creative Ways to Transform Old Furniture Beyond Recognition

It is the culture of many people to dispose their old furniture after several years of use. This article will help you discover a plethora of ways to transform your old furniture.


1. Using a baby’s crib to establish a creative space for use. This baby crib can be turned into a scene of great imagination.
© A little learning for two  

2. Create a kitchen space for your small maker can as well be an amazing idea.
© Giggle berry creations  

3. Making an elegant bookshelf from a huge cable drum can help to beautify your home beyond anticipation.
© Pink Stitches  

4. A cheerful bench can be created out of your old bed. This can help you sit and view events outside your home.
© Just Jill  

5. If you want to ginger young minds, an old workbench may just be the answer.
© DIY network  

6. Make an eye-catching self out of your old and abandoned grand piano.
© Instructables  

7. Create a spacious bench for sitting can be done by using your bulky set of drawers.
© Photokapi  

8. Get a unique photo frame for free by using an old doorway in your home.
© Photog mommie  

9. Create a new bathroom from your old dresser.
© Beneath my heart  

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