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9 Inventive Ways To Make Your Own Unique Picture Frame

Picture frames come in different shades and makes. From colorful and patterned ones to ones simply maid from plain materials, a picture frame never fails to enhance a picture's overall look. You should take advantage of this knowledge and spruce up you and your loved ones' pics with some quality frames. Here are 9 great ideas to make your own unique photo frames.

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1. Flowery simple
© Emily Franceschini  
With just a flower or two, you can transform a simple picture frame into an elegant piece of decor. Flowers help add a beautiful and pleasant aura of spring into any room or space. This can be your reality too with a just a simple picture frame decorated with artificial flowers.

2. Beauty in fabric
© Olga Dmitrishina  
You can create a stunning picture frame using nothing more than a piece of cloth. With a piece of linen fabric and a sewing thread, you can sew carefully around a frame to come up with a decorative finish. Be careful to pick quality and beautiful fabric for the best outcome.

3. A buttoned up pic
© Ashley Mikula  
Did you know you can come up with a photo frame using buttons? Yes, a collection of buttons makes for a very artistic and eye catching photo frame. Gather all the old buttons in your home and make this colorful and innovative photo frame. You can use adhesives stick the buttons onto frame.

4. Rustic memories
© MorningCreativity  
Rustic doesn't always have to be a theme confined to furniture and other decors, even photo frames can be rustic. Simply make a frame from tree branches or barks and place your pic in. You will have your pic plus wood and it will be like a little countryside experience.

5. Cover your pic in nature
© Jessica Begum/ Demand Media  
You don't have to pay anything to have a worthy picture frame, you can get it all free from Mother Nature. Gather pieces of twigs and work them artistically into a picture frame using lianas and flowers.

6. Comics and pics
© Amanda Formaro  
Are your children comic fans? If yes, you can bring their love for comics over to their pics. Create cuttings from their old comic books and paste these around their picture frames. This is ones of the ways through which your kids can express their creativity and individuality.

7. A seaside feel
© Aelida  
A sea inspired picture frame also makes for a lovely piece of decor. If you had brought over some seashells from your previous vacations, you can use these to decorate your picture frames. A combination of seashells and pebbles looks magical and serene.

8. A knitted frame
© heathereatsalmondbutter  
Create a unique and attractive photo frame using a knitting yarn. Use a mix of yarn for a colorful and epic finish.

9. Decorative tape
© bombshellbling  
If you've got no time in your hands, a decorative duct tape is the way to go for a photo frame. Pick a tape of your own choice and pattern and carefully stick it around your frame.

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