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10 DIY Gifts People Actually Want !

Are you looking for creative and fun Do-it-Yourself gift ideas? Are you on a tight budget but still want to give presents that people will remember for years to come? The possibilities are endless when it comes to DIY gift ideas. Here are 10 creative DIY gifts that people will actually love to receive.

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1. Geometric flower vases.
People love to have flower vases because they add interest to the room. This gift goes a long way and people will always remember you for it whenever they buy flowers from the market. They are not hard to make; you just need glass jars and a sheet of metal screen to be cut and wrapped around the glass jar in a creative way. You can spray the metal sheet to make it look more interesting.
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2. Painted wooden bowls.
Wooden bowls can be made more interesting with brightly painted shapes going around them. Although very simple, people will always appreciate them. You just need to buy a simple bowl from the market and then make interesting paintings on it. They can be very good snack receptacles.
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3. A ring dish.

A ring dish is the best alternative to actual jewelry. They are made using clay. People always find it hard to find a perfect spot for putting their jewelry when they go to bed and a ring dish can provide the perfect solution. There are a lot of good tutorials online you can learn from.
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4. A neck pillow.
Everyone always wants to be as comfortable as possible when traveling and a neck pillow will really help. They are very easy to make, you just need to get accustomed to sewing first. They can be a good way to show people that you really care. There are a lot of tutorials online to learn from if you are not good at sewing.
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5. Embellished pair of gloves.
A pair of gloves can be made unique and interesting with a few simple upgrades. Anyone would love to own a pair of gloves that stand out. You can decorate simple gloves with shiny stones and glitters to make them more attractive. With this type of gift, the only limit is your imagination.

6. Wall art with lyrics.
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Everyone has a favorite song, and in that song, there is a certain lyric that the person finds so amazing. You can paint a few lines of a favorite song on a wall art and give as a gift. It can be a motivating line or just even a simple romantic quote from a song, you will always be remembered for this.
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7. Sharpie mugs.
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Sharpie mugs are a classic gift that people always treasure. They will always remember you when they take that cup of coffee in the morning. Just buy a mug and scribble some interesting stuff on it with a sharpie. They will always be treasured.

8. Scarf.
Just like gloves, a scarf that stands out will always be loved. Fraying the ends of a comfortable and unique fabric will create a legit and wanting scarf that anyone will love to have.
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9. Decorated phone cases.
Artfully decorated phone cases can be a perfect gift for the people that always drop their phones. You just need to buy a simple and plain phone case and then make some artful decorations on it. There are amazing ideas online.
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10. Amulet necklace.
Although amulet necklaces are simple, they make a pretty good statement and most people would not mind to have them. They are said to have magical powers. You just need to put the amulet in a necklace string and that's it.
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