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11 Ingeniously Creative Ways To Give New Life To Old Kitchen Utensils

Thinking of what to do with old utensils in your house ? Kitchen remodeling should be your first thought!
Keeping in mind that life changes every day and night due to introduction of new items in the market, the old ones should not be taken for granted as well.

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The following are ingeniously creative ways of kitchen remodeling:

1. Remodeling an old frying pan into a wall clock can create a stunning look your house.
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2. Water glasses can be remodeled to beautiful flower vessels and artificial flowers can be put in them.
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3. Thinking of a small garden for herbs or flowers? Your rusty grill can do it best.
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4. Old rolling pins might seem less useful but when you think of kitchen remodeling, some of your hanging problems are solved. Those rollers can be pinned on the wall and used as hangers.
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5. Remodeling of old cups can serve as wonderful flowerpots by just drilling a drainage hole on them.
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6. Candles can be put in the old colorful teacups ,creating a magical and cosy atmosphere.
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7. Serving spoons can be pinned on the wall thus becoming an amusing candle holders.
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8. A plate can be glued on glass to make an adorable and cute dessert stand.
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9. Kitchen remodeling can also enhance the appearance of your house by turning old pie pans into retro photo frames.
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10. Fork and spoon can serve as good garden marker by writing a plant name on them putting them on their corresponding plants.
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11. A plate can also be remodeled to hold other cutlery.
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Having all these important facts about kitchen remodeling in mind, we should ensure proper utilization of old utensils because there will be no feeling of having 'too much' in your house!

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