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7 Cool Interior Design Tricks to Transform your House

Whether you have moved into a new apartment or looking to transform your old house to be glorious. There are great interior design tricks that can be employed by every home designer, which are affordable and can be accomplished with minimum effort.
Here are seven clever decorating tricks, if you are looking to brighten your room and transform it into a cozy living space.

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1. Natural decoration with Plants
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This is an awesome tip and popular with most environmentalist. Using plants to decorate your room interior improves the microclimate in your house while adding a natural ambiance to your home.

2. Room Partitions
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A great way to divide your space into different cozy section is through room partitions. It is not necessary to construct a room divider from scratch, preferably you can utilize a storage cabinet to partition.
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3. A comfortable window seat
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An ideal spot for relaxing is by the window. Introduce a wooden chair or a leather sofa in this comfy zone where you can wind up by reading a good book or rest.
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4. Strange lighting design
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Use of simple fairy lights to design an spectacular canvas where you can attach your polaroid photos. It is an artistic way to decorate walls with happy memories.
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5. Assorted chairs
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Gone are the days when you ordered your dining table together accompanied by an identical set of chairs. Decorators are now suggesting that different chairs look better when introduced into your home design. Make sure the table and chairs complement each other perfectly by using same design or colors.

6. Mirror resembling a window

Have your carpenter make you a mirror with a frame that looks like a window. This technique visually aids to create more imaginary space while making the house appear lighter.

7. Decorate with accent walls
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This is a good tip for transforming your house into a vibrant and colorful surrounding. You can choose to paint only one wall and not all four. It is also a more stylish option to use wood panels in other room to create even a cooler interior.
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