10 Awesome Life Hacks That Actually Work

Due to day-to-day busy schedules, we can confirm that sometimes life gets pretty confused. There are so many things that get out of our minds every day. Happily, there are some things that can make your life interesting. Below is a list of ten awesome-hacks that will make things a little smoother for you.

1. Do you normally lose your keys? A good idea is to get a custom decorated pet-tag with your name & cell number. Attach the tag to your keys, and if they are lost, someone will give you a call.
Mitchell Orr / Unsplash

2. When someone says “I am sorry” do not say “it’s okay.” Saying that does not sound right. Say "I accept the apology"

3. Missing a clean pillow-case? Get one of your clean t-shirts. Your skin tone will thank you later.

4. Are you on a plane and so nervous because you are sitting next to a crying child? Always have some candies with you. You will have a new friend. Also, it is impossible to talk when the mouth is full.
Suhyeon Choi / Unsplash

5. Always keep a $20 note on your smartphone. You might need it in case of an emergency.

6. Are you looking for a new kitten, but you are worried because of the grouchier cat at home? Before introducing them, give the new cat a bath. Then brush her with the old car brush. This will create a good relationship because the scent of your old cat will one on the new one.

7. Are you always afraid of losing your expensive wedding ring? Wear a fake one while on a trip. That way you will not feel bad if it gets stolen.

8. If you are planning to photocopy vital signed documents, put a clip on them before photocopying. This will help you know the original.

9. Avoid using the phrase” No problem.” Instead, use phrases like “happy to help” or “You're welcome.”

10. Label your family photos. Your family member will appreciate several years later. No will struggle to guess who is in the picture.

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