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10 Cheap And Easy Backyard Ideas That Are Borderline Genius

It's every homeowner's wish to have an elegant backyard. Unfortunately though, this isn't always the case. There are times when finances won't just allow us to hire a landscaper or even to have an unground pool constructed. This leaves us putting up with plain backyards in hope of improving them later on.

There's however some great news for anyone who's currently unable to upgrade their yard, you can do it. Not only can you do it but you can be able to do so at quite a paltry cost. Here are 10 cheap and easy backyard ideas that are borderline genius:


1. A splash pad
A splash pad is a great substitution for a swimming pool. Although it lacks the depth and length of an in ground pool, it is in itself quite fun and thrilling. It gives an opportunity especially for your young kids to enjoy themselves as water splashes on them. A splash pad is also much more cheaper in cost compared to a pool. Furthermore, it equally also serves the same purpose of relieving from summertime heat.
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2. An outdoor water bed
Like the splash pad, a water bed also lets you offer your family a pool alternative. Your kids will in particular enjoy lying on their backside on it during hot afternoon. It's a perfect place for them to play at while also getting to cool themselves.

3. A chair turned swing
Still on catering to your children's fun and play, you can use an old chair to make them a swing. This is very easy to do, you only need to find metal chains with which to secure the swing into place. Your children will soon be rocking themselves on it and enjoying some backyard thrill.

4. Sedum sarmentosum plant
Don't worry if you're not able to afford a classy deck, you can still be able to make your yard elegant by using plant cover. One of the most recommendable plants to use for your yard is the sedum sarmentosum plant. This green cover plant grows quite rapidly and sprawls around the place. What more, it develops very fascinating whenever June comes along.
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5. Decorative stepping stones
You can make decorative stepping stones to place along the sedum sarmentosum cover. Stepping stones placed at intervals along a plant covering look great. Not only this but they also help you avoid stepping on and damaging the plants.
You can make artistic stepping stones on your own. Simply take an empty cereal box and then combine cement and glass stones to make the stepping block. Your kids can have fun helping you make these.
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6. Planting pots coated with paint that glows in the dark
Instead of forking out huge sums to artificially light your garden, why don't you try glow-in-the-dark paint? Paint which glows in the dark can be a suitable alternative to garden lighting. Just let your flower pots be painted with this type of paint and then voila, your backyard will be glowing when night falls!
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7. Solar lamps on trees
Solar lights are also a great way to save on energy while also making your backyard look stunning. You can suspend solar lights from a tree branch and then drape them with chandeliers. This will give your backyard a scintillating look.
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8. Making use of tree stumps
Do you have tree stumps in your yard? If yes, do not let them sit by unused. You can use the stumps for quite a number of purposes. These include setting them as a garden table or using them as planting vessels among others.

9. Making a flower wall
Are you hosting a party in your backyard? If yes, you can quickly decorate the yard by making a flower wall. Simply put flowers inside tiny vases and then tie them carefully on the fence. They will for sure make for a fascinating choice of decor.

10. A simple camping grill
If you don't own a grill, you can still be able to make a barbecue by improvising one. To do this, first create an open fire and allow it to burn under controlled heat. The next step is to place a grilling stand and pan over it. It will then be ready for use.
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