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10 Ingenious Tricks To Make Your Bathroom The Most Comfortable Place In Your Home

Being small and rarely accessed space, Bathrooms can really pause a headache when it comes to decorating and finishing. In fact, Bathroom is the most expensive room to renovate in your entire house, just second after the Kitchen.
However, despite fixing tiles, doing lighting, framing, plumbing etc, there is no need of spending too much on bathroom decoration as we are going to give you cost free and mind-blowing tricks to make your bathroom luxurious. Sit back and relax as we list the ten ingenious tricks to apply to your bathroom now and make it cozy.

1. Homemade seaside stone mat.
© tattooedmartha  
With only a handful of smooth seastones, glue and a cheap Door mat, you can make this nature-inspired accessory for your bathroom. To make it, you will be required to simply spread glue onto your stones and stick is to your mat with holes.
This may will give you a delightful and smooth sensation of river stones every time you step on it.

2. Rustic Towel ladder.
© european-web   © themerrythought   © m5zn  
This is a pretty simple stand that costs less than $20 and it gives best results. There is no need to drill Bathroom walls so as to hang towels. With rustic towel ladder, you can hang a number of towels at once.
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3. Wicker basket.
© pinterest  
Wicker baskets gives your room a visual appealing and decorative space. The wicker baskets also acts as a storage to towels and toiletries. Putting this baskets at the guest bathroom will create a serene outlook and provides an easy access.
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4. Fixing rail or ledger on walls.
© flickr  
You can fix the rails and ledger on your bathroom walls to create a beautiful look. The rail guards also acts as hanging for various things such as towels.

5. Setting Plants into your space.
© flickr 
Incorporating houseplants into your bathroom creates a perk environment that turns your space into something amazing and beautiful. This is an excellent cheap way of dressing your bathroom naturally.

6. Labeling of liquid bottles
© theidearoom  
Pouring all the different liquids in your bathroom into different clear bottles and labelling them will set you bathroom look stylish.

7. Installing mirrors.
© apartmenttherapy  
Placing a mirror strategically in the bathroom walls creates a perfect illusion of space. Trimmed with a natural wood or tiles, mirrors will also improve the lighting and make the space grow.

8.Storage of small accessories
© casa.acasa   © abeautifulmess  
Storing all the small bathroom accessories such as sponges, bath salts into one transparent jug, creates an organized shower room. To a guest bathroom, these idea creates a pretty and practical display.
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9. Adjustable shelves.
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Additional counter storage. Adding adjustable shelves into your small bathroom can incorporate storage of the small items. The laundry basket below your shelves can also be used to store wet towels.
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10. Storage of metal pins
© surfingbird  
The small metal pins such as hair pins, hearings and hair clips can all be placed at one place by attaching them go a magnet. This materials commonly gets lost but with these idea, it will never disappear again.
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