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9 DIY Gifts You Can Make In Less Than An Hour

When you are searching for creative and fun gift ideas to do yourself in order to give presents that people will remember for many years and that cater for your tight budget, consider DIY gifts which are perfect for creative types with a limited budget.

1. Make some personalized candles.
Select some candles and make a personalized gift according to their liking, for example, shape them in a triangle and put a message inside the triangle.

2. Make a handmade card.
Use your own hands to make some creative cards as gifts; you may use unique photographs and colors to achieve best results.

3. Use handmade journals.
Use silk for the cover and recycled, ecofriendly paper sheets for the inside leave.

4. Love Box.

Pick a metal or a wooden box and line it with photographs, silk, love notes, etc. or anything that you consider significant.

5. Personalized Seed Kits.
Gift your loved ones the gift of green with gifts to plant. Each person will enjoy the interactivity of caring for their plants. Customized seed kits can be made quickly and cheaply.

6. Personalized homemade Pillows.
This is an additional thoughtful gift idea that will be useful for many years to come. Customized pillows are great because they can the tailored and sewn relatively quickly and also designed with the gift recipient's preference.

7. Rose Votive.

A unique idea that needs fresh rose petals in stellar condition rose scented votive candles, and votive candle holders to create. It is easy to make and takes less time to complete.

8. Honey Facial and Oatmeal Rose.
This is another cool DIY idea with Roses, it is easy to make and very lovely.

9. Rose Perfumes.
You can also gift your loved ones with this lightly fragrant perfume which easy to make.

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