9 Sanity-Saving Life Hacks For Moms With Daughters

You can live a healthier life with your daughter. You can do this by doing this 11 Sanity-Saving Life Hack in your life on a regular basis. They are simple and easy to follow. Once you build these habits, you will also find ways to improve your daughter.

1. Use nail polish to encode multiple colored keys
A Bubbly Life

Use nail polish to encode your colored keys When you give several keys to your daughter, use nail polish to color them so there is no confusion.

2. Use nail polish for colorful hair tints for instant taste.
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Paint your hairpins with nail polish to add an instant touch. Add instant touch to your hair once you use nail polish to paint hairpins. Make sure it completely dries before sticking to your branches!

3. Create a wardrobe for your child!

Save plenty of space in your daughter's bedroom by turning a simple rack from IKEA to lazy. Create a dressing wardrobe for your little girl's room! If your girl likes to wear clothes, you love the idea of ​​breaking IKEA's wardrobe in a wardrobe to store and organize all her toys.

4. Teach them to hide money and other small things in smart places.
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Shameless Traveler

Teach your daughters to hide money in unobtrusive places to avoid theft. Hide money in the lip balm for emergencies. Keep your car or keep your child to hide emergency funds and other important items in these places to avoid theft. How clever it is!

5. Use a rolling cart.

Roll a rolling cart into mobile makeup, hair, and other items. More space on bathroom tubs if you are using a rolling trolley to store hair and toiletries. It can be easily wrapped in a closet for future use.
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6. untangle baby doll hair with fabric softener.

Barbie hair glove tangled in the softener cloth to loosen the knife and make silky hair soak tangled hair in a combination of water conditioner and water. Tangle the brush and rinse with white vinegar mixed with water. Spray the hair with a conditioning wig spray to prevent tangles.

7. Attach the laundry clips to the hangers to store and store the items.

Attach clothes pegs with your clothes to store and store your apartment in your closet. Maximize the storage space in your wardrobe by tying the clothes pegs to some hangers. This is a great way to store your condos and sandals.

8. For long car trips, connect the ashtrays to your car windows.
Grey House Harbor

Attach the sink boxes to your windows for road trips. Fill with light snacks, wax pens and other things to keep your child busy while in the back seat. When traveling by car, plug the cans into your car windows so that your girls are busy with snacks, wax pens, and small toys.

9. Teach your daughter the way KonMari is to keep her organized.

Teach your daughter how KonMari helps her keep her clothes drawer and wardrobe organized. The KonMari method is a way inspired by the Japanese to remove chaos and organize your home. Teach your daughter the principles of KonMari in this amazing book that will simplify your life.
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