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7 Brilliant Tricks That Make Your Life More Comfortable

Knowing and understanding how some life hacks work can ensure you don't go through a hard time when doing some things, making your life easier and better in a way. Below are some simple and cool hacks that make life easy when implemented in our daily life.

1. Cutting cakes without a knife.
You can cut a cake using a dental floss better than you could have done using a knife.

2. Finding the puncture on a tyre.
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It becomes difficult to identify a puncture with your naked eyes. To ensure you locate the exact location of a puncture you are supposes to fill the tire with pressure then completely submerge the tire in soapy water. Air will start escaping, this results to production of bubbles which show where there is a hole on the tire.

3. How to clean microwaves easily.
Microwaves are one of the toughest household appliances to clean. However by simply mixing vinegar and water in a bowl and microwaving it softens all the food that have dried in the microwave hence making cleaning easy.

4. Unblocking the sink easily.
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When the sink blocks there is no need to call a plumber, draining vinegar and baking soda through the sink can unblock the sink easily. 

5. How to reduce smelly shoes.

You can recycle a used tea bag to reduce the bad smell of shoes by putting them inside the shoes over night.

6.  How to hang a cook book.
It is advisable to hang a cook book when you are using them in the kitchen, this helps prevent fires and messing up the cook book. You can improvise by using a pants hanger to hold the cook book up

7. How to avoid adds when playing on the phone.

It is annoying when an ad pop's up when you are playing a game on your phone, this can be prevented by turning on airplane mode.

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