10 Common Cooking Mistakes That may ruin Your Best Recipe

Cooking is a very fun and therapeutic way of spending your free time. However simple mistakes can turn cooking into a night mare that you would want to avoid, below are some simple mistakes for you to avoid as you cook to ensure you don't ruin your food.

1.Cooking food that is frozen immediately after removing from the fridge.
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You are advised to let frozen meals especially meat to defrost before you can start cooking them. If you go ahead and cook them when they are still frozen they will not cook evenly and it will take longer to cook well.

2. Putting too much spices in all types of meals.
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Spices play a big role in cooking, they improve the taste and aroma of the food things that encourages you to eat. However spices are not supposed to be cooked in all types of meals, some meals do not need any spice because it tastes better naturally.

3. Filling the pan with food.
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This does not allow even cooking of food and you may serve food that is not properly cooked. Cooking food in smaller portions will ensure your food cooks evenly and neatly.

4. Cooking at very high temperature's.
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Cooking at high temperature's will shorten your cooking time but your food will not cook properly, the food will cook well on the outside but the inside will be raw. In order to avoid this it is better to cook food at medium or low temperatures in order for the food to cook evenly and better.

5. Frying food using olive oil.
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It is not advisable to deep fry food using olive oil because it can easily reach it's smoking point and lose its nutritional benefits. Olive oil are best used to cook steamed vegetables and making salad.

6. Serving food immediately.
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In order to ensure the food cooks it is better to let the food settle and cook slowly with it's own steam for a few minutes after turning off the fire. This too allows the food to cool down before serving instead of serving hot food which may be dangerous to the mouth plus hot food is not enjoyable.

7. Cooking food on a pan before preheating it.
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When you cook food on a pan that is not preheated the food does not cook evenly and may get stuck on the pan leading to burning of the food. All this can be avoided by allowing your pan to heat up well before adding cooking oil into the pan and cooking.

8. Turning food on the pan too much.
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When you turn the food too much you do not allow the food to cook evenly, it is better to allow one side to cook before turning.

9. Not measuring ingredients before adding them to food.
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Even if the food is properly cooked, adding too much or little ingredients to the food can destroy the foods taste. Measuring and adding the right amount of ingredients to the food is the most important step at ensuring the food is perfect.

10. Not reading the entire recipe.
It is important to read the whole recipe and getting all the important information. Reading parts of the recipe increases chances of you omitting important information or ingredients that are important for the food and you may destroy the entire meal.

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