10 Brilliant Ideas for Using Ordinary Things in a Totally Different Way.

Some of the readily available things can be used to do extra ordinary things when we think outside the box. Here are some of the products that one can use to do something unexpected using them;


1. You can use a rubber band to do the French manicure by yourself.

© paperraindrops 

2. To sharpen scissors easily make a few cuts on an aluminum foil.

© wikiHow  

3. Polishing headlights of your car with toothpaste.

© globalsports  

4. Using ordinary cheese grater to store jewelry.

© (с) Irit Cohen  

5. Removing stains in suede shoes using an ordinary nail file.

© (с) Kathleen Kamphausen  

6. Using a LEGO as cable and key holder.

© 20jlamorticella/imgur 

7. Using your car spoiler as your outdoor table during picnics.
© 20jlamorticella/imgur  

8. Using the towel hooks in kitchen to hold your tablet to enable you watch as you work in the kitchen.
© wowamazing

9. Use a magnet to hold all your small metallic substace in one place.
© weburbanist

10. Using your shower cap to store and transport a pair of your shoes easily.

© worldinsidepictures  

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