12 Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

After going through this list you're going to be surprised that there are some things you have been doing all wrong. I will highlight on 15 things you've been doing wrong and give hacks on how to do them in the right way.

1.Cutting Mangoes
Cut mangoes into small cubes before peeling the outer layer.

2.Making Iced Coffee 
Freeze coffee into ice cubes before making iced coffee to prevent dilution of coffee as the ice cubes melt.

3.Eating a CupCake
When eating a cupcake, begin by peeling off the wrapping and then gently tear the lower part of the cupcake dividing it into two. Take the lower part and place it on top of the upper part and then proceed to eat.

4.Eating Chicken Wings 
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When eating chicken wings, debone them by twisting and pulling the meat out. Begin with the small bones.

5.Microwaving two Bowls in a small Microwave 
If you have two large bowls that you want to warm in a small microwave, place the second microwave on a small cup and they'll fit.

6.Making Ice Cream 
Place your ice cream in a zip lock bag before placing it in a freezer. Do not place a tub of ice cream directly in a freezer as doing this only results in hard ice that is difficult to scoop.

7.Cutting Watermelon 
Cut a watermelon in a crosswise manner instead of slicing it.

8.Holding a Burger 
Hold a burger with both your thumbs and pinkies on bottom while the rest of the fingers support the top.

9.Packing Clothes 
Roll your clothes to a cylindrical shape while packing them instead of folding to save and create more space.

10.Eating Cheesy Snacks 
Use chopsticks to eat cheesy snacks and avoid having cheese residue on your fingers.

11.Wearing Earphones
Coil your earphones over the ears when inserting them so that they stay in place.

12.Putting on tight Shoes 
Put on tight shoes with socks and blow dry the tight areas to reduce tightness.

You might be shocked and surprised after reading this article on the number of things you've been doing wrong without ever realizing it. I hope the hacks given on how to do them right will help you do the things in the right simpler way.

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