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7 Herbs and Spices That can be Easily Grown in the Kitchen

We all know that perfect stew and dishes can really make your food truly finger licking. Herbs and spices pack more flavour to your food and ameliorate the aroma. Furthermore, herb and spices also come with numerous health benefits that our bodies can really benefit from. So if you love adding these healthy ingredients in your food and would love to have them readily available and fresh at all times for your convenience, then this article is going to highlight 5 herbs and spices you can easily grow in your kitchen.

1. Sage
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If you love to include mint in your diet, then sage can be a good choice to plant in your kitchen. Plant the seeds in a 1-litre container and watch it grow into a mature plant supplying with fresh minty flavour always. It's an excellent source of folic acid, iron and fibre. Ensure the soil is always moist

2. Rosemary.
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Rosemary is also closely related to Sage. It has antibacterial qualities that are beneficial to the body. The seeds can be easily planted in recycled yoghurt containers. Place your seeds in the container, water the soil and watch them grow within a month.

3. Coriander.
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Coriander is wonderful and has an appealing aroma when added to any stew. A medium sized container can be used to plant the seeds in rows which usually germinate within 14 days. They prefer soils that are not too acidic. It's a good herb to have as it can aid in easing digestion discomfort, improve your level of cholesterol and lower blood sugar.

4. Parsley.
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This is another versatile herb you should easily plant in the kitchen. It's ideal for garnishing and incorporates mouth-watering fragrance into meals. Shallowly plant the seeds in not too heavily compacted soil then cover them lightly with soil, water and place in a corner for the seeds to germinate. Once the seedlings sprout you move them to an area with adequate sunlight. Parsley contains cancer-fighting essential oils so it's definitely a must-have herb.

5. Thyme.
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Thyme is not only a culinary herb, it also has a nice visual appeal which means it can act as an ornamental plant at the same time. Thyme is used to relieve flatulence, coughs and diarrhoea. Medium sized cups can easily be used to contain this majestic herb. Ensure your soil is always moist prior to germination then continue to water adequately.

6. Melissa.
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For a herb that combats bloating, migraines, insomnia and colds, this is a true culinary and medicinal herb. It can be easily grown indoors in half a litre containers. Your Melissa will grow and blossom if watered frequently. If you desire more leaves from it then never let it blossom as that will hinder it to sideways branches.

7. Dill.
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Dill protects the body from free radicals and helps in relieving cramps caused by menstrual cycle. This plant loves sunlight so ensure it is grown next to the window of your kitchen. It can be easily grown in a regular glass jar and water frequently.

Any herb used to prepare a meal or salad will improve the flavor, aroma and complement other seasonings present in a dish. Growing the herbs mentioned in this commentary will ensure you always have fresh ingredients for your dishes and also improve your health as well. So go ahead and start growing your own herbs and ensure to provide them with enough sunlight, air and water.

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