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Put Vinegar on Your Plants and This Will Happen

Nowadays we are constantly looking for a gentle, Eco-friendly way to live in a symbiotic mode with our planet, and the truth is that there is always a good natural trick to solve some day-to-day home problems; we just have to look for in the right place.


When we have annoying plagues, creepers or weeds in our garden we can use chemicals which not only are dangerous but also damage the environment and are expensive, instead we can make away with this bothersome uninvited guest using vinegar. Pouring pure vinegar over the weed will eliminate it, and mixing one part of water with one part of vinegar will make the insects and even some small mammals like mouse or moles to go away, they hate the smell of vinegar. To keep alive longer a flower ornament inside the house you can pour in the flower jar a mixture of water with two tablespoon of vinegar and one teaspoon of sugar.

Vinegar it's not only useful in the garden but it can be pretty handy for the house cleaning. You do not need to buy disinfectant to keep your toilet clean, just make a mixture of one glass of 9% hot vinegar plus baking soda or iodine solution, for 200 ml of vinegar you'll need to add a tablespoon of soda, this blend should be poured on the toilet tank all night and flush it in the morning, you can also clean the toilet using a vinegar’s wet cloth applied directly to the surface. Vinegar will kill bacteria, remove rust, limescale and take out displeasing smells.

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