10 Amazing Parenting Hacks That Can Totally Change Your Life

It's fair to say there has been a time in every parents life when they could have done with a little extra helping hand. This is where these simple but effective parenting hacks come into play. These hacks are a little bit of wisdom you can use to make navigating through the chaos of raising a child that little bit easier.

Jake White

1 - Use your old frozen vegetable packets as a hiding spot for your candy.
This is an effective way of hiding your chocolates in the fridge or freezer. You can be assured that your kids will not be going anywhere near the bags of veggies!

2 - Utilize cardboard boxes to create an environment for the kids who love to draw on the walls
Some parents have given there cardboard boxes and a set of crayons. The kids can then draw on the cardboard as much as they want without having to worry about getting into trouble.

3 - Color code the clock, each color should correspond with one of your child responsibilities.
When the little hand points to a particular color your child will know what they need to be doing. This will help teach your children discipline as well as time management skills.

4 - Use stickers to teach kids to put their shoes on the right foot.
Place stickers on the insoles of your kids' shoes, they will be able to see which way their shoes go which will allow them to start dressing themselves.

5 - Use tricks to get children to do some cleaning.
Some parents sticky tape a circle onto the ground. The game is for the kids to sweep up as much dirt as they can into that circle.

6 - Create a table hammock to keep the kids occupied.
This is as easy as tying a large bed sheet loosely around the center of a table. Kids will then be able to climb into the loose part of the sheet below.

7 - Use lids to capture mess from frozen treats.
If you place a disposable coffee cup lid over a frozen popsicle it will capture any of the runoff, stopping it from getting all over your children's hands.

8 - Create this quick solution to fix the hair of your kids' dolls.
Mix together dish soap and conditioner, then place the dolls hair into the solution. The hair will be as good as new in no time.

9 - Trick your kids into putting their toy cars away.
Place a bunch of toilet rolls into a box, then tell your kids that it is a parking garage.

10 - If your children are afraid of monsters give them this weapon.
Fill an old spray bottle with water, then tell them it is a spray which can be used as a weapon to fight off evil.

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