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10 Simple And Inexpensive Ideas To Make Your Apartment Look Great

Home owners with limited funds are usually unable to spend much money to decorate their house . However there are some inexpensive decor tips which can greatly enhance the appearance of the home, adding a touch of elegance and luxury without spending much money.

10 inexpensive tips for interior decor of a home or apartment without exceeding the limited budget available are listed below.

1. Fixing mirrors on the doors can create an illusion of space, make the room look bigger and help in monitoring activities and objects remotely
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2. Most refrigerators are painted in a single color, usually white, and pasting duct tape horizontally in stripes, will give the refrigerator a unique designer look.
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3. Using transparent curtains of different colors, usually brighter colors like pink, blue, will make the room look brighter
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4. Magnets can be used to fasten multi color curtains on the windows , making them look far more colorful
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5. Shelves which are being used for storage of tools, bottles, hardware and other items can be hidden behind colorful drapes, for easy access whenever required
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6. The cables for television may be hidden in the rods for shower curtains. This will also ensure the cables are not damaged accidentally.
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7. Vinyl stickers in multiple colors and themes can be easily installed and will make the room look interesting
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8.Curved C shaped curtain rails when used with curtains will make the windows look bigger
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9. if the lower two thirds portion of the wall of a room are painted in a darker color compared to the ceiling, the ceiling will appear to be far higher
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10. keeping a cake stand in the bathroom for placing soap, and other bathing supplies will create an antique look in the room.
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So these easy to implement home decor tips using widely available material can make your apartment look great.

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