10 Amazing Uses For Coffee Grounds

Everyone loves up waking up to a hot cup of coffee brewed from freshly ground coffee. After finishing your coffee, there doesn't appear to be any use of the coffee grounds. However, this is wrong and there are a number of useful ways that the coffee grounds can be used in our daily lives in and around the house.
So, next time you think of throwing away used coffee grounds after making coffee, these 10 life hacks below will change your mind.


1) Deodorizing Refrigerator Odors
A bowl of coffee grounds placed in a freezer or refrigerator can neutralize and eliminate odors from spoiled or stale food. The coffee grounds mask the bad smell with a pleasant smell.

2) Repair scratched wooden furniture.
Gently rubbing some coffee grounds against scratch marks on wooden furniture removes scratches and removes unsightly discoloration. Also mixing a tablespoon of coffee grounds and a teaspoon of olive oil then applying with a cotton ball or swap also does the trick.

3) Boosting growth of carrots.
Mixing carrot seeds with compost coffee ground before planting them helps the carrots grow faster and boosts the harvest. Also adding the ground to the soil after planting is also advisable.

4) Getting stench off hands.
Coffee grounds can be used to get stench like fish or garlic off your hands while making them fresher and smoother as they act as an exfoliant.

5) Hair treatment and highlighting.

It's a great hair treatment and can be used when washing your hair. The grittiness in them will remove any gel and hairspray making the hair shiny and beautiful. It darkens hair color too. not advisable for silver or blonde hair.

6) Acts as a pest repellent.
The coffee grounds act as natural pest repellent as they produce an odor that repels most pests and insects. It is a cheaper, natural and affordable way to repel insects.

7) Face scrubbing and exfoliating.

When mixed with a spoonful of olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil it turns into a face scrub. It makes the face and skin healthier and looking radiant.

8) Acts as an air freshener.
Placing fresh coffee grounds near the air conditioning vent will give the house a fresh and great coffeehouse scent. This is a great smell to have in your house.

9) Coffee grounds are used in making compost.
They are rich in phosphorous and nitrogen making them ideal for compost. They also attract worm which helps in decomposition and increases water and oxygen amounts in the soil.

10) They can remove the stink of sinks.
For those sinks that stink, keeping a can of coffee grounds can eliminate the stinking smell. It makes all the bad smell of a stinky sink.

All in all, coffee grounds provide cheap and affordable alternatives to performing and completing a wide variety of tasks and chores and improving beauty regiments.

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