9 Ridiculously Delightful Gifts You Can Make Yourself

Ever feel being generous and having the urge to give out gifts to your significant other? Gift-giving never run out of seasons. You can give a gift to someone to special occasions such as New Year's day, Christmas Day, Graduation Day, baby showers, you name it. Gifts never fail to put a smile on someone's face. Now, for you to never run out of gift ideas, here are some 10 ridiculously delightful gifts you can make yourself.

1. A Stencil Pillow
A stencil pillow would never fail you to express yourself to the one you're sending the gift. It could be a simple motivation text, a "thank you", or the three magical words "I love you." Aside from keeping your significant other from a stiff neck and a cold night, you can empower them by your very own words of wisdom.
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2.  Soaps that look like Gems
The people around us could be longing for a classy, fabulous and savvy stuff that will fulfill their rainbow dreams. You can give them these geometrically shaped soaps to bubble-up their life.

3. State maps cut from cork boards
These little maps won't make you forget all the road trips you've had and the states that you've been to. Pin a photo of you and your SO's to the maps that you've made and you'll forever treasure the memories.
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4. A personalized no-sew apron
A mate who's into cooking would highly appreciate an apron with a personalized touch. You don't just remind them to be tidy in the kitchen. You also remind them your presence whenever they wear the apron.
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5. A Dip-dye technicolor dog leash
This one will be loved by a dog person with a colorful personality. The combination of vivid colors can really be catchy, it could make other dog owners jealous.
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6. A sewn cat bed
Let's not forget about the cat persons that we know. On the contrary, cats are more into lounging rather than running outside the meadows (which is more of a dog thing). Their owners would not just love you but sure, they'll do, too even if they don't show it that much.
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7. A wall hanging that features the phases of the moon
A selenophile would feel the euphoria of seeing the moon using this wall hanging.

8. Lace earrings
Lace earrings are a fashionable statement. The girls would love to wear these.

9. Baby Blanket from old Tees
Attending a baby shower and wants to snap out of the cliche of baby gifts? A good color combination of tees, a needle and thread should do the job. This little present would be treasured forever.

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