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10 Superb Tricks That Will Add a New Dimension to a Small Apartment

Residing in a small apartment, you'll never feel that the space available is enough. This is a problem that anybody faces at some point in life. But if you think creatively, there is a viable solution for each and every problem faced. You can make most of the small space available by using clever storage solutions, perfect decor, simple room dividers and other hacks as listed below.

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1) A pull-out table in the kitchen is an effective way freeing up space. The table pulls out from the kitchen drawers. That way when not in use the table is aligned with the drawers.
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2) A rack which fits perfectly into a corner helps free up a considerable amount of space near the sink. The freed space can be used for other purposes.
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3) In the bathroom, installing and fixing small shelves beneath the bathtub or wash basin a great idea to save space and keep some stuff there like towels and soaps.
Also, installing a rack above the toilet water reservoir can provide lots of space for storing stuff.
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4) Attaching attractive wicker basket to a bathroom wall offers a great decor, large storage space for towels and such while taking less space on the wall than shelves. This offers a new dimension to the bathroom.
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5) In the bedroom, there are plenty of bed designed with built-in drawers. These provide the additional storage space much needed.
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6) It is possible to have a wall folding bed, This bed is called a Murphy bed. It can be stored vertically against the wall during daytime thereby creating a lot of space when not in use.
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7) In shoe storage, you can purchase a special shoe rack, with folding drawers. The drawers have three rungs within each of them where the shoes are stored, These drawers store a lot of pairs of shoes and save a lot of storage.
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8) You can save a lot of space by arranging shoe shelves in a V-shaped manner rather than in a straightforward manner.
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9) Building your wardrobe into one corner of the bedroom can save a lot of space than building it in a straight manner along the wall in a cubicle way.

10) Placing a pole in between two bits of furniture can make a temporary closet for you to hang the clothes you often wear most.
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The above hacks can help you save a lot of space in a small apartment. When combined with the perfect decor, they offer a sign of a spacious apartment.

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