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10 Ways To Make Your Entire Home Cleaner Than It's Ever Been

A neat, tidy and clean space offers a nice and comfortable view which is pleasant and harmonious to every occupant living at home and also a clean house provides a more healthier environment to everybody including even our beloved pets.

To keep the home cleaner must not necessarily be a hard goal to achieve or boring task to do, following some creative, useful and easy DIY tips your entire house will be as good as new in a wink.

1. Cleaning scale and water stains on faucets, tubs and showerheads surface:
Put vinegar-soaked paper towels over the surface to be clean and let it work for some minutes, remove the paper towel and polish with a vinegar-damped towel to shine up.

2. Remove rust stains from sink basin:
Just cut a lemon in half and dip it in salt, scrub the lemon over the rust stain, the acid in the lemon will work like magic.

3. Microwave cleaning easy and effortless:
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Add the juice of one lemon to a half cup of water put the halves of the lemon inside the bowl and put the bowl inside the microwave for 3 minutes, wait 5 more minutes before microwaves stop, then open the door and remove stains with a towel or sponge.

4. Easy way to clean stove burners:
Put the burners into a bag filled with a ammonia and let it work over night, trick will work as magic.

5. Cleaning glass cooktop:
The best way to clean a glass cooktop is using baking soda and cover it with a wet towel for about 15 minutes and then remove all dirt and stains easily and without scrubbing.

6. To remove unpleasant odors from couch and chairs:
Just scatter baking soda over the couch or chair fabric upholstery.

7. Removing dust from TV and Monitors screens:
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Just use a coffee filter as a towel and gently rub the screen surface with it.

8. Removing dust from windows blinds:
Using a pair of tongs covered with a towel will easily clean both sides of the sheet.

9. Cleaning air vents:
Just put all the air vents into the dishwasher.

10. Cleaning a grubby steam iron:
Wet a paper towel with vinegar then place the iron over the wet towel and let it work for about five minutes and rub. If the iron is really gross you will need to use baking soda aswell following the same steps than with the vinegar.

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