10 DIY Gifts That'll Make People Say ''You MADE That?!''

There is always a great feeling that comes with a DIY personalized gift. It makes the recipients to feel appreciated. A DIY gift not only help you to communicate your message better but they are well thought and sometimes cheaper than buying a gift from a gift shop or a mall. We have listed 10 DIY gifts that will definitely put a smile on the recipients face and get them asking "You made that?".

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1. Decorated Slippers:
This is an easy gift to make. You can make these decorated slippers with an artwork of your choosing. You will require to have a printable design that you want to imprint on the slippers and depending on the type of slippers you ave, you could either use screen printing or heat transfer to decorate your gift.

2. Gold Leaf Paper Mache Bowls:
This type of gift might take sometime to put together but it is totally worthy it. With a few balloons, waste newspapers, foam brushes and glue, you can be able to make some awesome bowls that will definitely be appreciated by anyone.

3. Lucky Charms Marshmallows Jar:
This is a pretty easy gift to put with a glass jar of lucky charms and sorting out the marshmallows.

4. Sweet Smelling fragrance:
This is a gift for the people who love nice smells. You will need spray bottles, flowers of your choosing and a little chemistry to get the gift done.

5. The color block clock:
This gift even has a nice name to it. All you will need here is a clock kit system and a piece of circular wood. It is an ideal gift for that one friend who is bad at keeping time.

6. Hand - Stitched Envelopes:
Stitched envelopes are very simple to make and a well thought gift for any recipient. You will need to know how to sew though.

7. Keychains:
These can be made from plastics, wood or even moulded from clay. The designs and shapes will only be limited to ones imagination.

8. Custom Laptop Skins or stickers:
A customized laptop skin will need you to print your design. You can also make this for phones or even tablets and iPads.

9. Crocheted gifts:
These can be gloves, a pillow case, cushion or even an oversized crocheted blanket. Keep your friends warm with your gift.

10. Candle-holders from empty bottles:
If you have waste bottles, don't throw them away. Make awesome candle holders with them. You will always be appreciated.

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