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10 Gardens You Can Totally Grow In Your Tiny Flat

Are you a garden lover and want to start your own garden, but feel that your flat is too tiny? You should just get started for there are plants that you can grow using a flexible system. All of this plants will only take you a small space and you are only expected to have a window to give the plants access to sunlight. You can make an indoor space to grow a beautiful garden if you do not have an outdoor courtyard. Well, here are some simple ideas that you should follow to help you make your dream garden.


1. Use a ledge to make room for rows of plants.
First, buy a cheap shelf, you can do this online for a cheaper price from a second-hand shop, then you can set up your garden to get going.

2. Use old bottles
Make this happen with old wine bottles to make a very beautiful planter which will make your counter look just wonderful and make your wine rack look classy.

3. Use mason jars and place them on the wall for a natural look
You only need to attach the jars to a reclaimed wood then screw them on the wall. In doing this you will have used no space and in return, you will a classy accent decor.

4. Fabric planters can help you save space
If your window or balcony is too tiny you can use fabric planters to save space and still grow your garden.

5. Make use of your old tea tins to make a planter

They can fit in any window ledge and take up a small space, which will make a perfect garden for you.

6. You use reclaimed wood to make a small flat garden
They offer a space for seedlings when you plant them on the base and hang the jars on attached hooks to help you acquire a maximum growing space.

7. Use re-purposed plastic toys
This is your best idea if you have a got a small space for gardening.

8. Try air plant magnet if you have no space
They will add a pop of nature without taking up any space. And you will your upkeep on these living magnets

9. Put several pots in a tray to make a portable garden
Will minimize your small space, you can use them to make a lovely centerpiece and also make room for you to move easily.

10. Make tier planters on your stairs

It’s a simple idea which will take no space and can be done inside or outside the apartment.

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