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10 Kitchen Upgrades That You Can Actually Do Yourself

Having a beautiful and a well-designed kitchen that doesn't look like it was designed in the 1950s is what every person want. A kitchen is a place where you spend most of your time. You will find yourself making two meals in a day which is a weekly meal prep and having a lovely kitchen can make you enjoy being in the kitchen. Well, you can say that your kitchen needs an update if you have never done it before. Her ear some ideas to help you make your kitchen look fancy.


1. You can organize your kitchen with a door.
A door organizer makes it simple for you to put away things in an organized manner it is a good idea especially if you are living on rentals and cannot put holes in the house. All you need is a door, then you can arrange your kitchen as desired.

2. Paint your drawers and knobs of the cabinet.
When you painted knobs and drawers your kitchen will look more stylish.

3. If you feel that your kick toe is neglected, you can use both contact paper and tape to make it look better.
Zeke Ruelas / stylebyemilyhenderson.com
You can add a decorative toe kick using contact paper and tape.
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4. You may use counter top to re-do the old fashioned counters.
It is a painting process that will resemble the look of granite. You only need to paint layer after layer and then finishing with a sealer to make it have a gorgeous gloss.

5. Two kitchen carts placed together can give a new look.
You should add more storage especially underneath to give it a new look.
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6. When your dishwasher or other appliances are not of stainless steel you may use stainless contact paper.
It is cheap and can only take an hour. You may use faux stainless steel for example by doing it to your dish washer and it will look like stainless steel.

7. Use removable contact paper if you can’t paint your cabinets.
You can use removable contact paper to update your cabinet without replacing them.

8. If the cabinets are doorless, you can line them with fabric.
To make this happen you need to cover pieces of board foam with fabric then put it at the back of the cabinet.

9. Make your backsplash shine with plastic tiles instead of tin tiles, and they are removable.
One may prefer peel and stick tiles or real tiles it depends on where you stay.

10. Swap out the kitchen switch plate.
Faith Durand / Via thekitchn.com
You can replace the switch plate and outlet covers to look stunning.

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