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15 Awesome Patriotic Crafts for Kids You Need to See

4th of July crafts for kids is a dream of any American kid. July 4th is here. Well, prepare your kids to have an experience of a lifetime. Here are some awesome patriotic crafts for kids that your kids need to see and try out.

Hello Wonderful    Willow Day

1. Fireworks Painting
Just Bright Ideas
It is very easy to create; it can be done by young and older kids. Creating is fun too.

2. Fireworks Play Dough
Fantastic Fun and Learning
It will be perfect for 4th July. Girls can create a “night sky” with sparkly fireworks.

3. Crafts Made from Recyclables
Design Dazzle
Beautiful home decor can be made out of recyclables. Kids will love the experience of making crafts from recyclable materials.

4. Printable Paper Chain
Love the Day
The results of paper chain craft are very beautiful. Kids will enjoy creating paper chain for 4th July.

5. Sand Art
Honey Bear Lane
This is going to inspire the kids creativity, art and it will bring relaxation too. For example, building sand castles.

6. DIY Bike License Plates
Willow Day
Kids will be able to make their own “license plates”. These will make their bikes be more special to them. Therefore, they can personalize their bikes.

7. Patriotic Medallion Ribbon
Love the Day
Medallion Ribbons for 4th of July can be a fun task for kids. This will make the kids have a sense of belonging.

8. Easy DIY Rocket Ship Craft
Hello Wonderful
Both young and older kids will be able to make rocket ship from materials such as plastic. Painting the rocket ship will be super fun too.

9. Flag Craft for Toddlers
Toddler Approved
4th of July Independence Day will be lots of fun. Toddlers will be able to enjoy making beautiful paint stick flag craft this summer and wave it during Independence Day.

10. Duct Tape 4th of July Banner
Chic California
4th of July fun for kids patriotic Duct Tape Banner is super easy to make. It will add to the lovely decor of the Independence Day.

11. Patriotic Paper Hat
Tutus and Tea Parties
This will add to July 4th fun activities. Kids will enjoy this fun craft project.

12. Patriotic Windsock Toilet Paper Roll Kids Craft
A Little Pinch of Perfect
The lovely red, white and blue craft for the Independence Day is super easy to make. Kids will explore their creative talent.

13. Hair Bows for 4th of July
Just Bright Ideas
The girls will enjoy making and wearing the handmade hair bows on the Independence Day.

14. Toothpaste Box Fire Crackers
The Joys of Boys
Toothpaste Box Fire Crackers can be easily made from recyclable materials by kids.

15. Cookie Cutter Stamping.
Housing a Forest
This is a classic 4th of July craft for kids. It is quick and easy therefore easy for little fingers. Kids will be able to make fun and unique shapes.

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