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Front Porch & Outdoor - 10 Fourth of July Decoration Ideas

As summer months approach, so does Independence Day. This means thinking about 4th of July decorating ideas. What screams freedom more than red, white, and blue? These adorable DIY ideas! Continue reading for 10 fun projects that will look fun and festive and make your neighbors wonder where in the world you found these decorations!

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1. Pallet Flag
finding a pallet from behind your favorite store is easy and cheap enough—all you have to do to it is paint it up like your Old Glory. It doesn't have to be perfect: that's the beauty of it!
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2. Patriotic Bunting
 binder clips and your go-to patriotic fabric are the requirements for this decoration. Hang from porch banisters or roof eaves for a classic look.

3. Bandana Banners
an easy project that older kids can help with, plus bandanas aren’t expensive. This banner puts a little twist on the standard red, white, and blue look.

4. Painted Potted Plants
if you have potted plants sitting out on your porch or patio, why not make them a bit more festive by painting them patriotic colors? Kids can help with this craft too!

5. Starlight, Star Bright
paper star lights are a beautiful addition for when the sun goes down. And if you live in an area with plenty of bugs, these aren't quite bright enough to really attract them, but they give off some helpful light while still being festive.

6. Patriotic Wreaths
every house just looks better with a beautiful wreath hanging on the front door. This craft won't cost you a ton of money but will look like it did.
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7. Cushion Covers
new seat cushions are expensive and buying them for one holiday seems somewhat silly. Create red, white, and blue cushion covers for the summer season and take them off whenever you're ready (or don't, these are super cute!)

8. Festive Flowers
flowers come in an array of colors, so why not use a few plants to your advantage. You can arrange them in the shape of the flag, or if you like, put the flowers in hanging baskets for a simple, yet elegant, look.

9. Firecrackers
the first thing many people think about on the 4th of July are the fireworks. Decorate oversized ones to place near your entryway. They're also great props for some cute holiday-themed photos.

10. Table Decorations
use red, white, and/or blue flowers in pretty baskets to add a pop of pretty color to your party table. Stick some small flags in for some extra fun!

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