13 Easy Woodworking Projects for Beginners

Do you need some ideas on possible woodwork project designs? here you'll find 13 of them, they're mind blowing designs, which will give your home that special touch, and I'm sure you'll get them done in no time.

1. Wooden Triangle Shelves
Well-Made Heart

Having a couple of wooden triangular shelves on the wall, which you could use to hold a variety of items can go a long way in spicing up the look of things.
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2. Rolling Bookshelf
Craftsman Drive

Rolling bookshelves can be pretty cool with just a simple, easy and nice design, nothing out of the ordinary.

3. X-shaped Magazine holder
Passion Shake

I bet you’ll love this one, very useful, portable and looks really nice.
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4. Welcome Home Key Shelf

As simple as it sounds could come in quite handy and useful.

5. Crate Storage Bench
The Kim Six Fix

This of course would be very useful, especially when you have lots of crates and you have no idea where to keep them.

6. Slatted Bed Frame

You’ll find that, this is a very easy and straight forward process in the making.

7. Farm House Modern Desk
Make it and Love it

It’s just a simple and beautiful design, something you should be proud of.

8. X-Leg Ottoman
Centsational Girl

Beautiful and nice, I’m sure it will add to the beauty of your home significantly.

9. Outdoor Pallet Table
Inspirations by D

An outdoor pallet table would definitely make the needed difference.

10. Pottery Barn Inspired Console Table
Addicted 2 DIY

Anything from holding your books, to flower verses to picture frames, etc. would your home look really nice

11. Make A Storage Unit Using Crates
Ohoh blog

With an integration of some crates and a wooden frame, you’ll find that you’ve made an awesome store for toys and just about anything.

12. Pallet Nightstand

This wouldn’t take much of your time in the making, and you will like it.

13. Rainbow Rocker
Ramblings from the Burbs

Lastly, the rainbow rocker is such that , you’ll find it easy to make but useful when the babies start coming, it’s going to be lovely.

Hope you found these 13 easy woodworking projects for beginners helpful, thanks for reading!

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15 Awesome DIY Gifts Ideas that Anyone Can Do

Who says only money can make one to produce a gift? Cut the question off and try to look of at these 15 awesome DIY gift ideas that anyone can actually do without spending much of a penny.


1. Tea Wreath
Looking for a match for the cold weather? Bring out your teas out of the box and let them hang in full circle!
The search is over for whatever flavor you wanted to serve, just let this circle of delights amaze and calm your guest while giving a pinch of creativity in your home.

2. Monogrammed Mugs
Design Mom
To complement your DIY Tea Wreath, awesome monogrammed mugs are the answer to have your tea (or coffee or your favorite drink – name it) be set and let the good time be served. Thus, with a personal touch in customizing a plain mug, surely it’s a great way of making your special ones draw their sweet smile.

3. His and Hers Pillowcases
Make your pillows as the crown of your bed! These and Hers Pillowcases are surely something you wanted to offer for couples.

4. Placemat Clutch
Worn-out placemats? Have them restored and transform into more of an unconventionally functional way. With just a little tweak of your clips and your placemat, who says one cannot make something out of trash.

5. Collegiate Scarf
Bring back the school vibes by having a touch of embroidery on a scarf and keep the strands of two tones on it.

6. Photo Collage Star
Say Yes To Hoboken
They say a picture speaks a thousand word, and tricking it in college way and shaped it in the star, this awesome idea will be worth a million stories to tell.

7. Keyboard Message
To tell someone a message has always been a classic thoughtful idea to give to your special one. But having your keys on your keyboard to make such – modernly classic thoughtful way it is.

8. Coffee Cozy
Knock off the heat of your coffee with this awesome idea of giving it a hug! Coffee cozy is the best coffee huggers to stabilize the head that you might want to avoid when holding your hot drink.

9. Kindle case
Incorporate the idea of giving fashion and function by gifting this Kindle case for a techy friend – or might consider using this as your casual on-the-go mini bag for mall stroll.

10. Instagram Calendar
What a nice way to reminisce things on each month is to have this Instagram Calendar to be offered for your pal. Together, look back on each month and the special things happened.

11. Floppy Disk Planters
Have you saved your father’s floppy disk collection? Have it the green way! Make these awesome planters by making corners and putting a touch of eco and soil in it.

12. Reversible Apron
Knock on someone’s kitchen doors by giving this reversible apron! No need to worry about having a different flavor of your look while cooking, think of your mood and choose whatever side you are up to.

13. Knitted Coasters
Fan of knitting out of your spare time? You might want to consider weaving these coasters with a little touch of customization for your loved ones!

14. Chic Luggage Tag
Travel buddies on her birthday? Make her personalized chic luggage tag to sassy up her luggage and remember you whenever she’s out of the country or up for a little gig out of town.

15. Neckties for Men
The Purl Bee
Having trouble with finding something for your man? Neckties are a classic way of featuring your appreciation to your man.

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15 Cabinets for the Rustic Kitchen of Your Dreams

For years, rustic design has used in numerous editorial stages thanks to the beautiful aesthetics that it offers. Cabinets for Rustic Kitchens are constantly evolving and upgrading. Compiled below are the best 15 Cabinets for the Rustic Kitchen of Your Dreams.

1. Pacific NorthWest Wood-Laid Kitchen
Its rustic cabinet that incorporates a French style. It can be easily integrated with any rustic kitchen because it blends nicely multiple elements.

2. Maison-Chic Rustic-Kitchen Cabinet
The wooden shelves of Maison-Chic are usually off-white in color and they blend perfectly with a dark-wooden floor.

3. Mediterranean-blue Rustic Kitchen Cabinet
The old-bluish design of this rustic kitchen cabinet will give your kitchen a sober-looking appearance that’s not very overpowering.

4. Robin’s Egg-Blue Hued-Kitchen Cabinets
They are picturesque cabinets which feature a table with cabinets in the middle and a centrally placed chandelier hanging on top of the table. Some rustic chairs are added around it resulting into a beautiful and attention-grabbing kitchen.

5. Moody Blues and Stormy-Gray Hued Kitchen
The dull blue or gray-hued cupboards which are not very bulky add an element of spaciousness in your rustic kitchen.

6. New-England Style Colonial Kitchen
It features cabinets with white panels along with a subtle brick-wall for modernism and a rustic feel.

7. Hudson-Valley Style Rustic Kitchen
Greenery and Flowers are used to add an excellent touch to any rustic kitchen. If Hudson Valley is used in a monochromatic room, the kitchen will have an amazing color pop.

8. Earl-Gray Rustic Cabinets
Earl Gray Cabinets are composed of open shelves which add a beautiful touch to the kitchen by making it look more spacious and less cluttered.

9. Prairie Home-Companion Cabinets
The same wood and the same type of uniformity is used to create all the elements in the kitchen including the cabinets. It’s very attractive and beautiful when the type of wood used has a lighter shade.

10. Aspen Mountain Rustic-Kitchen Cabinet
This rustic kitchen cabinet is made using dark woods to deliver a luxurious and relaxing feel.

11. Shabby-Chic Pantry-Style Cabinets
These cabinets feature cupboards that are long-structured in eggshell or off-white color. The wood variation used in its design easily breaks the rustic kitchen’s uniformity resulting into a stylish and appealing kitchen.

12. Simple Country-Cottage Wooden Cabinets
Rustic shelves and wood panels in combination with black-granite countertops are used to create a classy and extraordinary kitchen.

13. Rustic Soho-Bistro Kitchen
It’s a modern kitchen with a European style that features off-white cupboards and a dull wooden floor.

14. Walk In the Woods Paneled-Kitchen Cabinet
Woods with different colors are used to design the cabinets in order to give your rustic kitchen a monotony break.

15. Parisian Patisserie Style Cabinets
Teak and other shades of color blue are used to design these cabinets resulting in a rustic kitchen that is incredibly neat and attractive.

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15 DIY Ways to Make Your Child's Bedroom Magical

Every kid’s dream is to have a magical bedroom and this goes further than just a bed and a closet. As a parent, fulfill your child’s expectations is one of the biggest concerns, and budget sometimes is a problem. But with these DIY you will find 15 ways of making your child’s dream come true.

1. Painting the walls:
constantchatter.com   Disney/ besttravelphotos.me

By setting a thematic and painting the walls as if they were inside the show will make them feel happier about their bedroom.

2. Lamps are your friends:
momsshoppingengine.com  Disney

A night full of terrors is one of the worst nightmares a kid could have. If they have a lamp in their room, you can cut out their favorite character’s shadow and place it over the lamp shade.

3. Doorknobs come to live:
family.go.com  Disney/ spongebobandfriendsadventures.wikia.com

Bringing doorknobs to life is an easy task. You will only need some goofy eyes and a big smile.

4. Secret hiding place:
sportsmansguide.com   Disney/ constantchatter.com

You can create secret entrances and hiding places where your kid can feel safe and sound!

5. Sheets fort:
racheldenbow.blogspot.com   Disney/ disney.wikia.com

You can create a tent to sleep by using their favorite sheets so that they can camp inside their rooms.

6. Bunk bed:

The lower part of the bunk bed can be customize with different thematic like a secret hidden base.

7. Secret passages:
myharrypotterparty.blogspot.com    Disney/ harrypotter.wikia.com

Connecting one room to another has not ever been funnier, by using little doors or curtains you can make things most amusing.

8. Chandeliers full of magic:
homediypeople.com    Disney/ trueclassics.net

A broken umbrella and some Christmas lights can transform a dark room into a room full of magic and light.

9. Swings are the best:
instructables.com     Disney/ disney.wikia.com

Those rainy days can ruin kid’s afternoons. By having a swing indoors, your children will be able to enjoy themselves no matter what.

10. Colorful floor:

Not only walls are important but also the floor. By customizing it with racetracks, jungle floor or even sea waves, adventures will never be missing!

11. Stickers:

If painting the walls or the floor is not an option, buying stickers can be your best shot. Giving them the freedom of choosing what goes where and see what happens!

12. Art gallery :

If your kid’s inner Picasso is constantly showing off, turn her room into an art gallery by framing their doodles.

13. Creative painting:

Leaving a white wall for your kids to draw on them as they wish!

14. Funny curtains:
Jacquelyn Portolese/ jakfruit.tumblr.com   Disney/ taraphillips.ca

Matching the walls and the floor with funny curtains can lead to a better setting for your kid.

15. Under-beg storage:

Allow them to have their own secret place to hide their supplies and toys; without you knowing.

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