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13 Easy Woodworking Projects for Beginners

Do you need some ideas on possible woodwork project designs? here you'll find 13 of them, they're mind blowing designs, which will give your home that special touch, and I'm sure you'll get them done in no time.

1. Wooden Triangle Shelves
Well-Made Heart

Having a couple of wooden triangular shelves on the wall, which you could use to hold a variety of items can go a long way in spicing up the look of things.
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2. Rolling Bookshelf
Craftsman Drive

Rolling bookshelves can be pretty cool with just a simple, easy and nice design, nothing out of the ordinary.

3. X-shaped Magazine holder
Passion Shake

I bet you’ll love this one, very useful, portable and looks really nice.
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4. Welcome Home Key Shelf

As simple as it sounds could come in quite handy and useful.

5. Crate Storage Bench
The Kim Six Fix

This of course would be very useful, especially when you have lots of crates and you have no idea where to keep them.

6. Slatted Bed Frame

You’ll find that, this is a very easy and straight forward process in the making.

7. Farm House Modern Desk
Make it and Love it

It’s just a simple and beautiful design, something you should be proud of.

8. X-Leg Ottoman
Centsational Girl

Beautiful and nice, I’m sure it will add to the beauty of your home significantly.

9. Outdoor Pallet Table
Inspirations by D

An outdoor pallet table would definitely make the needed difference.

10. Pottery Barn Inspired Console Table
Addicted 2 DIY

Anything from holding your books, to flower verses to picture frames, etc. would your home look really nice

11. Make A Storage Unit Using Crates
Ohoh blog

With an integration of some crates and a wooden frame, you’ll find that you’ve made an awesome store for toys and just about anything.

12. Pallet Nightstand

This wouldn’t take much of your time in the making, and you will like it.

13. Rainbow Rocker
Ramblings from the Burbs

Lastly, the rainbow rocker is such that , you’ll find it easy to make but useful when the babies start coming, it’s going to be lovely.

Hope you found these 13 easy woodworking projects for beginners helpful, thanks for reading!

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