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15 Easy Ways to Organize Your Laundry Room

We’ve all been there - your laundry room, the place that’s supposed to get your dirty laundry clean, becomes a nightmare in and of itself.

How do you go about making it a place where you can get the laundry done without the chaos?

Spring is the perfect time for laundry room organization so it’s no longer a household center of terror and clutter. If those mountains of clothes and stacks of clutter are making you want to rip your hair out, these pro organization tips will have your laundry room looking picture perfect.

 Vintage Revivals    David Millegas   The Wood Grain Cottage  

#1 Create a new counter surface.
Vintage Revivals
Have you ever tried to utilize the top of your washer and dryer? There’s almost enough room, but not quite. Try staining or painting some plywood and creating your own counter on top of them so you have more space to fold clothes.

#2 Get a small rolling laundry cart.
Infarrantly Creative
Obtaining a cart that's easy to tuck away into a corner will make it easy to store and utilize.
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#3 Find a spot to hang your ironing board
The Wood Grain Cottage
Hanging up your board will save limited floor space for other things and reduce clutter.

#4 Add a new basket or bin
Pick ones that are visually appealing, like woven baskets, so your laundry room fits your taste in decor and is a more appealing place to be in.

#5 Forget the trash can, add a lint box.
Polished Habitat
No one wants a big ugly trash can in a room where they do work. Make a small box to store your lint.

#6 Add a hanging shelving unit
My Sweet Savannah
Most stores sell inexpensive racks that you can attach to your door. These create valuable storage areas in otherwise wasted spaces.
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#7 DIY pull-out drying racks
Me and My DIY
You can craft racks that tuck away easily so you’ll always have a convenient spot to dry your clothes that can’t go into the dryer.

#8 Mounted drying racks on the wall
Imperfectly Polished
Adding a drying rack to the wall will allow you to know exactly where the larger delicate items will go when they leave the washing machine.
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#9 Add a clothesline
David Millegas
If you don’t have the room to install a dedicated drying rack, a simple section of clothesline can be an easy way to make sure your clothes have a place to dry.

#10 Add hooks
David Millegas
Are you always tripping over that broom next to the door or searching for the duster in the closet? Adding hooks to the wall is one of the easiest ways to get things organized and off the floor.

#11 Hang up a laundry chart
Everyday Best
Can that shirt go in the dryer? Are those sheets supposed to be washed on cold or hot? Make a chart and hang it up as a helpful resource.

#12 Make a practical laundry station.
Hoosier Homemade
Put a few baskets in the same place and your clothing will already be separated long before its time to go in the washer.

#13 Assign everyone their own laundry baskets
David Tsay / Woman's Day
Separating laundry into darks & lights, towels & bedding is one thing. But if you have a big family it might not be enough - try giving each person their own bins too, it’ll make it even easier to sort out at the end of the laundry cycle.

#14 Put away the bulky containers
David Tsay / Woman's Day
Do you buy massive bottles of laundry detergent and fabric softener? Try pouring some of it out into smaller containers and stashing the bulky packaging away in the closet. You’ll still have what you need at the ready but it can save space and make the room more aesthetically appealing.

#15 Craft a spot for your “other stuff”

You’re bound to find spare change, mismatched socks, and other “stuff” when doing laundry. Managing clutter before it starts by giving everything its own place will save you a lot of time in the laundry room organization process.

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