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10 Brilliant Ideas for Your Bathroom You’ll Want to Try Immediately

A bathroom is one of the most neglected rooms when it comes to home decor as we tend to spend less time there. In this commentary, we are going to spotlight some stupendous ideas that will leave it looking flawless without undermining on space.

1. Pallet shelves.
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There is nothing that screams DIY as wooden pallet. They are easy to acquire, promise to add a rustic look to your bathroom and provide convenient shelves to hang your toiletries and towels without much effort.
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2. Wooden shelves.
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Do you have lumber lying around and there are no enough shelves, why not put them into use by making floating shelves to create more storage space. Spice up things by tying some colorful rope under it to both ends for more hanging space for your towel.
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3. Available space.
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Look closely and you will realize you have ample space behind your cabinet and under the sinks. These idle spaces are good for storing extra bars of soaps and shampoo that occupy precious counter space. Utilizing the bathroom rods by adding s-hooks to it secure more stuff preventing them from falling off.
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4. Glass jars.
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Glass jars are not only limited to kitchens. Pop them out add some hose clamps to them, attach a 2' by 7" lumber on the wall with the aid of screws then add the glass jars for a classy storage for your toothpaste, makeup brushes, cotton buds and toothbrushes.
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5. Hooks on wardrobe.
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The common kitchen hooks can also be used in the bathroom. Attach them to the inside part of the wardrobe doors to get more hanging space for extra linens and your hairdryer.
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6. Magnetic strips.
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We all know that annoying moment when you have rummage through containers to get your hair clips or nail cutter. Get a magnetic strip and attach it to your wall and place all your metallic items on it to access them much faster.
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7. Window boxes.
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Another facile way to add a rustic look to your bathroom is by the use of these boxes. They retail for $6 and are ideal for holding extra face towels, linen and toilet papers without compromising on space.
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8.Magnetic Makeup wall.
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Another fantastic way to create more storage and ameliorate your bathroom is buy building a magnetic makeup board. Buy some bold print fabric, metal sheet, magnets and glue. Cover the metal sheet with the fabric, attach it to the wall. Place magnets to your favourite makeup kit with the aid of glue and they will stick to the metal, ready for use when needed.
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9. Corner space.
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There are plenty of pre fabricated corner floating shelves that you can get from stores. Paint them to your desired color and arrange them on top of each other leaving some space between them for extra storage space.
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10. Be creative.
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Have you noticed the amount of available space on a single shelf. Create multiple space by adding more hooks to an existing shelf. This will give you more room hang face towels, cleaning brushes and create more compartments to store shampoo jars and other accessory.
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Bathroom ideas are very facile to achieve if you have some DIY spirit in you. This article has offered some splendid proposal you can opt for to make it look stunning.

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