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13 Creative Life Hacks You’d Never Think Of In A Million Years

In our daily activities, we are so accustomed in doing things in the same routine. Sometimes we don’t even know why we do them in that particular manner. Thinking outside the box can result in an improved, better and an overall simplified way of doing things.


For instance, have you ever thought that your old lake in the store can be used as a Juice glass holder in your kitchen? I bet you dint.

Well, below are 13 interesting creative life hacks that will make you realize how simple life can actually be.

1. Old seat belts from your old car can be used as handy key holders. Their edges can be used to hold a bunch of keys together.
remove and replace

2. You can avoid hammering your fingers by using a cloth line pin to hold the nail onto the position you want it to be.

3. Your empty Glass bottles can be used to create very unique and eye catching light chandeliers.

4. Did you know that a ladder can be used as a bookshelf when mounted horizontally on the wall? Don’t be surprised. It looks even more presentable.

5. To save space and store more items in your fridge, you can use binder clips to hold some food items that in the shelves.

6. A paper clip can help you put your bracelet on your hand when no one is around to help you.

7. You can transform your damaged furniture to look brand new by rubbing walnut on to the damaged spots and save yourself the cost of acquiring new ones.

8. Have you have had trouble in cleaning your shower heads? Try out this new trick. Tie a bag of vinegar around the shower head and leave it that way overnight. You will be surprised in the morning.

9. A common eraser can be used to clean your suede by simply rubbing the eraser to the suede.


10. During the cold rainy season, cover your shoes with bees wax to prevent water penetrating in your shoes.

11. You probably have had difficulties in hanging your photo frames. You will be surprised how easy it can be by using a simple soda tap.
make zine

12. Remove the stem of a straw berry using a common straw by pressing it from the lower side towards the top.

13. The toilet paper rolls that you think are useless can be used to make seed starter pots.

Surprised? This are just among the recently discovered life hacks you could have never thought of. Try it yourself. Think outside the box! That item you simply think is used up might end up saving you an extra cost and make your life easier.

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