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10 Extremely Clever Ideas for Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Areas

Cleaning the most difficult places in home can be a Herculean task. But wait, there are tons of mazing ideas that can help you success.


1. Emptying Window Frames
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Using toilet paper tube can help you make your window frames neat.

2. Making Your Home Blinds Neat
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Using elastic bands with proper wrapping of a piece of cloth attached to tongs can help wash blind perfectly.

3. PC Keyboard Cleaning
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Simply make use of half folded adhesive paper to clean the spaces on your keyboard.

4. Difficult Areas In Your Vehicle
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Cotton board can be used to clean every hidden space of your car.

5. Getting Rid Of Hard Water Deposit From Your Faucet
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Baking soda and old toothbrush can do the job.

6. Make Your Mattress Free From Dust
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Baking soda can be sprinkled on your mattress and later vacuumed for total neatness.

7. Making Your Knife Rack Clean
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Ensure that the knife rack is dipped into a solution of soapy warm water along for a couple of minutes. Later clean by using a sponge.

8. Wash Your Shower Curtain
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Using a soap solution help make your shower curtain clean.

9. Cleaning Your Air Conditioning Vents
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Use a piece of cloth and tie it around a rod and clean the vents.

10. Cleaning bottles

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