10 Fatal Mistakes in Living Room Design

The living room design can be full or errors depending on your point of view. To help avoid this mistake, it is important to read through the content.

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1. The wrong size of carpet can be a huge design mistake. Even if the room does not have any carpet in it, your living space will look scanty.
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2. Cushions are powerful in a living room and should not be underestimated. If you want a comely environment at home, then give sofa cushions a try. The best way to choose this item is to ensure the fabric of your sofa matches the texture and material of your furniture.
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3. Not positioning your television in the right location may eventually make your living room unattractive.
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4. A room that only has the accumulation of upper lighting may look bizarre.
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5. When your room has low ceilings along with dark furniture, the setting will look rough.
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6. It is not a good idea to position your sofa too close to the wall.
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7. Selecting furniture with respect to your preferences and not design is a great error.
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8. Photos are powerful and great. Photos misplaced can display your poor judgment and personality.

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9. Big furniture in a small room is a design mistake as well.
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10. Your curtains visually lessen the space.

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