10 Utterly Surprising Ways to Use Table Salt

Salt is one of the most commonly used condiments. It can literally be found anywhere in the world and at any period in history since man invented cooking. Salt also has a host of other uses besides enhancing flavour. Here are some of them.

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1. Salt prevents molds from growing on shower curtains. 
If you wash your shower curtain with salt water after you buy it, you will never have to worry about it growing mold.

2. It makes candles drip free. 
If you soak a candle in concentrated salt solution for several hours and let it dry, it becomes dripless. 

3. Can be used to get rid of ants. 
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Spray an are where you see ants with a salt solution (1:4, salt:water) or just sprinkle salt over the area.

4. Removes the onion and garlic smell from your hand. 
Wet your hands, rub them with salt all over and rinse to remove the smell after cooking.

5. Preparing homemade paint for the kids. 
Blend 1 cup of flour with 1 cup of salt in a bowl, then add a cup of water a food color and there you have cheap homemade paint.

6. Gives copper items the shine back. 
Rub the tarnished copper surface with salt, vinegar and flour mixture, it works like a charm.

7. Puts out kitchen fires. 
Pouring salt on grease kitchen fires cuts off the oxygen supply to put out the flame.

8. Cleans the iron. 
Turn the iron to the maximum temperature setting and run it over salt, you should use a newspaper to put the salt.

9. Keeps windows frost free. 
Placing a bag of salt on the windowsill or rubbing the inside of the window with salt water prevents frost from collecting.
10. Prevents oil from splattering. 
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Adding salt to the frying pan before frying keeps the oil from splattering.

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