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7 Clever Ideas for a Small Bedroom

Sometimes people think because they have a small bedroom space they cannot transform it into a stunning, relaxing and comfy place. You will be surprised to know that there are great ideas that you can adopt to make your small bedroom feel more spacious and a soothing place to be that you will love retreating to.


1. Minimize furniture.
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let your bedroom have those essential cool decorative design pieces and leave the unnecessary ones to save on space.

2. Use bunk beds.
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for children who live in a single room. Use convertible bunk beds which are great, comfortable and space saving.

3. Use multipurpose and compact furniture.
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sometimes you might require some workspace. This is common for teenagers and people who like to work in their bedrooms. Therefore, make sure the furniture you use is easy to put away and has some several uses to save on space.

4. Choose a light colored wardrobe.
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your wardrobe might take up a lot of space, but if you use one with a light color, it will have an effect of making the room spacious.

5. Built-in wall closet.
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having a closet that is on the wall will save you a lot of space as it does not protrude out and eat up your space. And to avoid it from being dark, use curtains which you can easily pull them to the side.

6. Mount a rack.
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you probably have a lot of clothes that you don’t regularly wear while some you do. Put those clothes that you don’t wear on shelves that match or compliments the bedroom’s light color and those you wear place them on your rack for an easy pick.

7. Use bright colors and light paints.
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bedrooms that have light color walls often seem spacious, comforting, and peaceful. Also, make sure that your curtains, blankets and wall picture enhance the liveliness and the soothing mood of the bedroom by using bright colors and don’t overdo it. For kids, their rooms will look great with saturated, bright, and colorful tones.

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