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10 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Refrigerator

Having a disorganized refrigerator is a daunting task especially when trying to locate specific items. Some products might go unnoticed for a while hence going bad. With this lots of food will go to waste. On the other hand having a well organised refrigerator will make you feel good as you capitalize on food quality preservation. To ensure that your refrigerator is well arranged and clean hear are some great ideas on how to go about it.


1. Using binder clips on bagged food.
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This ensures that you make use of the dead space. In the refrigerator while also keeping the bags closed for preservation of inner contents.
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2. Using egg tray as stands for Sauce.
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This saves space and reduces on clattered chaos caused by presence of many sauces in your fridge.
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3. Using large containers on the shelves.
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Putting large containers on the shelves ensures that same types of food are kept within the same container hence saving on space and ensuring neatness.
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4. Storing greens on Mason jars.
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Apart from presenting some tidiness in your refrigerator it also ensures that your greens preserve their freshness.
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5. Use of multipurpose bins in the freezer.
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This will ensure the freezer is tidy. As well as utilizing the space well.
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6. Making a ' Snack area'.
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The essence of a snack zone is to ensure that anyone can grab a snack from an easy access area without going through the whole refrigerator hence disarranging it.

7. Having some magnetic tins.
© Tater Tots and Jello  
Can be made by binding some magnet to the bottom of a closable tin to ensure content does not spill when inverted. This tins can be stuck on dead space to ensure full utilization of the refrigerator.

8. Setting designated area for foods to be eaten first.
© clossette  
Ensure that no food goes to waste because of not being consumed in time. It also saves time for looking within the refrigerator.

9. Cleaning refrigerator with non harmful substances.
© hellosplendid  
A recipe of Lemon and rosemary will leave your refrigerator smelling fresh and new.

10. Labeling shelves within the refrigerator.
© boomchocolate  
This ensures that you save people from confusion arising from not knowing what product is placed where in the refrigerator.

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