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10 Ideas To Make Your Balcony The Best Place In Your Apartment

People living in apartments containing small sized balcony give them very minimal ideas to do something constructive with them. Below are 10 ideas.

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1. Hang pot flowers, herbs like lavender or plants on walls and behind the railings.
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2. Place storage furniture like a bookshelf and sliding cupboards that you can use to keep novels and magazines.
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3. Place durable folding furniture that you can use for a small space balcony.
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4. Design the balcony as a dining area and set it with hardwood furniture.
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5. Light up your balcony with led lights to enjoy the beauty especially during the night.
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6. Have a warm and bright touch to the balcony by lighting candles.
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7. Decorate it with glass walls and enjoy the bright sunlight in your balcony during winter seasons.
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8. Paint your balcony with the colors of your choice like green for nature.
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9. Use it as an art gallery where you can display different artworks.
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