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9 Awesome Ideas for a Small Kitchen

Although many see a small kitchen as a serious constraint on the space available, it comes with numerous advantages.This article details 9 awesome ideas for keeping small kitchens cozy.


Light it up
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A blend of both natural and artificial lighting play a crucial role in making small kitchens cozier. It is therefore, important to have the right lighting fixtures and suiting windows to allow for adequate lighting. Always remember that well lit kitchen often look bigger and are easier to maintain.

Shelf it
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Shelves make small kitchen spaces more organized, easier to maintain and more accessible. Besides, shelving your kitchen increases your utilizable space while making it easier for you to maintain order in the arrangement of your wares.

Utilize all space under sinks, tables and cooking areas
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A good design of a small kitchen should utilize all the available space. To best achieve this, any potential dead-space underneath sinks, benches, counter-tops and shelves should be fitted with lockable units or drawers. This improves the utility of the available space without compromising on the order of the kitchen.

Spice it up with wall decor
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A good blend of artistic works such as paintings and wall hangings improve the feel of small spaces. For kitchens, it is advisable to use a blend of both bright and dull colors. You could for example have a black and white or full color images of fruits, foods or your favorite animal hanged on the wall. This gives your walls a warm and welcoming feel.

Use wooden finishes
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Kitchens touched with wooden finish always feel warmer, welcoming and friendly. For the best outcome, you should consider having a wooden finish on counter-tops, shelves, cabinets, walls, floors and ceilings. In your design, remember to break the monotony of too much wooden finish with alternative finishes, such as a metallic finish.

Free-up the floor space
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Freeing up the floor in a small kitchen goes a long way in maintaining order. As a rule, ensure that 3/4 of your kitchen floor space is not in use at any particular time. This is important in allowing adequate space when accessing and using the kitchen.

Utilize the rear-side of your doors
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Doors and windows often have lots of space that could be utilized in hanging kitchenware. For the best results, have one or two hooks at the back of your door to help in hanging objects that are rarely utilized.

Use bright colors
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Bright colors light up small spaces, while dull ones make them appear smaller. A small kitchen should have a perfectly blended mix of warm and cold colors matched with the ambience within.

Have proper drainage
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Small kitchens are easier to maintain when all potential sources of water and excessive moisture are channeled to appropriate drainage systems. For the best results, have one or two sinks in the kitchen and ensure that thy are well drained.

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