10 Cheap And Easy Last-Minute DIY Gifts They'll Actually Want

What gift can I buy? Will the recipient like it? Will it be in stock at the store? These are just some of the issues that we face when getting gifts for our loved ones. However, here are affordable and easy DIY gifts that our loves ones will surely like.


1. A bookmark.
For sure a majority of our loved ones read a range of reading materials and may sometimes have difficulties in marking the page to commence from in the next session. Getting them an arrow bookmark will surely go down well with available them.

2. A chopping board with a family recipe engraved on it.
One thing that can be extremely beneficial is making the gift personal. The recipe can be of your loved one's favourite meal.

3. A wallet that is filled with gift cards.
This will surely be cute especially since they will not only be able to use the gift cards but they can later use the wallet for a while.

4. A cupcake that is packaged in a jar.
This will be an excellent gift especially if the person you are doing it for is a foodie.

5. Watercolor portraits.
These are rather easy to make and can be a perfect gift for the aged. Make them and frame them well and their appreciation will overwhelm you.

6. A necklace made out of tube bead.
This can be exceptionally easy to make and you can style it up with personal touch since you better know the recipient.

7. Poms with their names.
Having personally pulled this one of, I can attest to it being an excellent gift that can be made in no time.

8. A mug with initials.
This is easy to make in a short period and you can customize the initials to be what you want the recipient to know or remember whenever they use the mug.

9. Small wire heart hearings.
These ones can be easily made with available resources and their appreciation may exceed your imagination. Be careful with the shaping and the material picked.

10. Fruity stamped purse.
Make the fruits to be stamped in an organized manner and they should preferably be your loved ones favorite. Do this and all your efforts will be duly noted and appreciated.

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